Elements: Book 1 #Wattys2016

Elements: Book 1 #Wattys2016

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Fire. Earth. Water. Air. 

It's 2890. In the US, everyone gets one of the elements powers when they are born, usually their parents element. 

But the elements no longer get along. 

They keep themselves separated from one another, not daring to interact, knowing it will cause havoc and destruction. 

But the government wants to test the elements together. And they've been watching, waiting for the right elements that can handle the job. 

And they've found them.

Hello! So I'm planning a fantasy story that has the idea of the four elements in it (Feudalism system kinda - four vassals, four elements) and so I wanted to see what people on Wattpad wrote about the elements. Anyway, I found your story and the summary literally gave me chills! Great job!!!
- - Jul 01
Always so excited to discover stories about the Elements! The beginning is already so appealing!
kenzie7703 kenzie7703 Aug 17
I just finished Desolation and that's what the evil institute said " it's for the greater good"
That's what all the evil dudes say. So I'm gonna go ahead and say I hate you.
BeTheSammyToMyDean BeTheSammyToMyDean Jul 15, 2015
ok so i love this and read this coz of instagram (love your account) but is your inspiration TMR coz you know teenagers different there for a reason stuff like that
_g_i_m_a_ _g_i_m_a_ Jul 15, 2015
Wow, who knew such little time I could be so excited! But seriously, I am ecstatic! I like I'll really love what this story will turn into.
                              -G :)