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Empyrean Iris Story Collection by starrfallknightrise
Empyrean Iris Story Collectionby Charlie Starr
A growing collection of Humans are Space Orcs stories that details the adventures of Dr. Krill, Adam Vir, Sunny, and other crew members of the harbinger as they fight to...
✓After the big guy Xiuzhen dressed as interstellar cannon fodder by ruwen05026
✓After the big guy Xiuzhen Jieun
Author: Chitose Zhao Category: Crossing Rebirth As the last cultivator of the Last Law Era, Song Xi had only two goals. The first is to ascend. The second is to propagat...
Empyrean Iris by starrfallknightrise
Empyrean Irisby Charlie Starr
No less than two years after humanity's acceptance into the Galactic Assembly and participation in the Drev War, most aliens have still never seen a human. Rumors run r...
Fox Demon Princess  by mafia_honey
Fox Demon Princess by 💋
As a savage nine-tailed fox demon, Su Jiu has paid too much, and her heart has long since died. Inexplicably, he travels to the future beast world, where the females ar...
Almost by Sebv34
Almostby YourGirlKlara
Earth feels bad for everything he did, then he comes up with an idea to make up for everything. Inspired by Solarballs on yt, I do not own them. If you've see this book...
Art dump Book 2 by leahplayzXD
Art dump Book 2by leahplayzXD
Cover by yours truly! Info and Rules in first chapter :3
Our Serenity within the Stars || BTS x Reader by Dina-soar
Our Serenity within the Stars || Dina
All you wanted was a little excitement to your life. Something more interesting than a herd of cows getting in the middle of the road and farming. That's all you wanted...
Taken by the First Order -A Kylo Ren fanfiction- by herondaleproperty
Taken by the First Order -A Kylo Ava
"You think I don't care about you?" Kylo asked, his voice breaking. "I care more about you than there are stars in the galaxy. Believe me, I nearly broke...
Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope (2022) x Sister! Reader by ShiraFangirl
Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope ( ShiraFangirl
Cursa, a mysterious and malevolent entity seeks out energy to further its nefarious plans, plunging the galaxy into chaos. Twisting the planets with its evil influence...
SolarBalls Oneshots by k304101
SolarBalls Oneshotsby k304101
A book filled with random daydreams I had about SolarBalls.. This does not contain pairings/shippings. This was not beta read. You may see random words, misspellings and...
Dark Eyes (A Riddick Story) by aziwolf
Dark Eyes (A Riddick Story)by Allyson Barras
My name was Leenah. I wasn't exactly what everyone would call a good person since i had been in and out of prison since fifteen on fifteen different planets. Who would h...
Sure Thing, Commander ✔︎ by traveling_wanderlust
Sure Thing, Commander ✔︎by 𝔼𝕝𝕝e
~Rexsoka Fanfic~ Order 66 has just been ordered and clones everywhere are turning on the Jedi killing them for crimes against the republic. Ashoka and Rex have escaped f...
Karamel: Across the Universe by GretchenWoods
Karamel: Across the Universeby Gretchen Woods
When Kara and Mon-el are forced into both their parents' plot to unite their planets, it's in their nature to resist it. They hate each other. But after a tragedy that...
The Dream Of The Dead (Constant Editing) by JessicaIvy24
The Dream Of The Dead (Constant
A blind and mute teenage girl lives in the streets begging as a livelihood, with a dog who helps her. One day, a gang of boys attacked her. Her dog intervenes, but both...
The Universal Legend (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by Supergirl8666
The Universal Legend (A Percy Amber Caple
Percy Jackson is touched by betrayal, terribly. Close to alone, with only his closest confidents there, he sets out to clear his name. In doing so, he quickly finds that...
Frost Bitten (BxB) by ArchangelLeviathan
Frost Bitten (BxB)by Leviathan
Asurah used to believe love would one day be his downfall. After all, his parents fell into that very thing when his mother was captured by the enemy. And because of tha...
"▪︎There's something bettwen us ... ' ☆ (ENG) by z0diacxz
"▪︎There's something bettwen Zodiac ⭐
Hi! That's Just a SolarBalls comic :3 hope y'all like it :)
Garden of Embers: Beneath Devouring Eyes #2 by ostromn
Garden of Embers: Beneath SASHAO
Lightholder mages live by many rules. Among these: second-born twins must die for the good of all. In this sequel to Garden of Light, Domi, a fifteen-year-old apprentice...
The Bridge: A Science Fiction Survival Story by Leoduhvinci
The Bridge: A Science Fiction Leo Petracci
Centuries after an asteroid smashes into a star ship, the inhabitants must learn to survive space without technology or perish. Join princess Airomem and Horatius the h...
Stellar by harperlbrennan
Stellarby (s) harpie
Anastasia Ellis is the commander of the Demeter Space Station, having worked her way up from an engineer to an astronaut, and finally a commander, in the past seven year...