The Heiress Who Lived || REWRITING

The Heiress Who Lived || REWRITING

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QueenOfTheNight1211 By QueenOfTheNight1211 Updated Apr 04

"you'll stay with me?"

"i've been with you since the very beginning and I'll stay with you until the very end."

"Now kiss, you two!"



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Tbh he probably would have had better luck locked in a cell with Sirius in Azkaban. 
                              Please don’t say I’m the only one who thinks this?
d3lusional d3lusional Jun 01, 2017
?? is that an excuse for placing a child into an abusive home I hear👀👀
What about James's side of the family?  Any one of them could have taken him in
                              Every child in their world will know his name?
                              What bout ours?
Their hardly family just people who were sadly related to his mother that does not mean they are family
-luciddreams -luciddreams Dec 09, 2016
Would you be able to make another book with the original plot? I haven't finished reading it yet, but the story line was amazing!