Thor and Loki Fanfiction:  Little Sister

Thor and Loki Fanfiction: Little Sister

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Have you ever wondered what Thor and Loki were like as kids?  Or what it would be like it they had a little sister?  Well now you know.

Kyla is just a little girl in the village of Asgard.  When war breaks out, her parents are killed.  Odin finds her and takes her in.  Young Thor and Loki are thrilled to have a little sister.  Kyla has some amazing things that she has in common with Thor and Loki.  Life is going great, until, a boy.  How will Thor and Loki act?  Will Kyla ever be able to fall in love with her two big brothers overreacting?  Read to find out.

Disclaimer:  I do not own Thor, Loki, or Asgard, or any of that.  I do own my characters that I created

SlytherinGurl777 SlytherinGurl777 3 days ago
0.0 *gasp* my god! He does! Wooow!! It's incredible!! (Much sarcasm) @ninjagamer106
SlytherinGurl777 SlytherinGurl777 3 days ago
I WANNA HUG FROM LOKI!! @ninjagamer106  Get me a Loki!! I want one!!
They're Bleeding Oh No They are Dead don't call again...
                              Sorry I Panicked
BatmanAndRobin123 BatmanAndRobin123 Nov 14, 2016
I can't see Loki trying to tack over the world. Or him killing people!. He's just too cute and protective and gentle 😊😊😊😊😊 I just can't see it.
I just love lokis protective mass and when I wrote Loki the first time it turned into mom 😂
I couldn't stop laughing at how Thor and Loki act with her it's funny