Bullies and Lightning

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Kyla- 18
Loki- 23
Thor- 24
Jace- 20

Kyla walks out of her room when she hears her brothers talking. She looks down the hallway and sees them walking down the stairs.

"Hey where are you going?" Kyla asks. Thor and Loki don't hear her, they just keep walking. "Hey didn't you hear me?"

They still don't answer. Kyla walks over to the top of the stairs. Thor and Loki are at the bottom.

"I'll give you one more chance." Kyla says, they still don't hear her. "Fine then." Kyla screams at the top of her lungs.

Loki and Thor turn around. Kyla stops screaming and smirks. She walks down the stairs and in front of her brothers.

"Kyla. You are 18 years old, you have got to stop doing that!" Loki says.

"Well it worked didn't it?" Kyla says.

"Well, yes but-" Loki starts.

"But nothing, it worked." Kyla says. Loki just rolls his eyes.

"What is it that you are wanting Kyla?" Thor asks.

"I just wanted to know where you two were going." Kyla says, she looks up at her brothers and smiles inocently.

"We are going to the village, I have to get something that is located there." Thor says.

"Correction, he is going to the village and forcing me to come." Loki says, glaring at Thor.

"I wanna come!" Kyla says.

"Why?" Thor and Loki asks in unison.

"Because I'm bored. Jace is away and I have nothing to do." Kyla says. She sees Loki shift uncomfortably when she says Jace's name.

"Well I see no harm in it. Do you brother?" Thor says.

"It's fine by me." Loki says. "But believe me it will be boring."

"It will not. Doing stuff with me is always very enjoyable." Thor says.

"No it's really not." Loki says.

"Yes it is."

"No it's not."

"Yes it is!"

"No it's not!"

"Hey!" Kyla yells, interrupting Thor and Loki's little argument. "You two are bickering like children, can we just go?"

"Uh....hehe.....yeah let's go." Loki says, embarrassed.

"OK!" Thor says, not embarrassed at all. Kyla laughs. They all walk out the door.

When they get to the village, Thor and Loki get out of the chariot, that Thor drove even though Loki wanted to. Loki turns around and helps Kyla out.

"So where are you going?" Kyla asks.

"I guess I will go with Thor. You know we can't trust him to be alone." Loki says, Kyla laughs.

"I can hear every word you say!" Thor says.

"That's the point brother." Loki says. "Alright little sister, where are you going?"

"I'll just walk around the other side of the village." Kyla says, she starts to walk away.

"Meet us back here in about two hours!" Loki calls after her.

"I will!" Kyla calls back. Loki turns to Thor.

"Well let's get this torture over with shall we?" Loki says and starts to walk. Thor follows.

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