War and a New Beginning

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A war rages on between Asgard and another realm that shall not be named. The war has lasted many months, but it has finally come to an end. In his victory, Odin is riding home in his chariot. Little does he know his life is about to be changed forever.

Odin is riding alone in his chariot, pulled by his finest horse. He has won the war between the realms and is now heading home to his family. There is a sound, it's faint and hard to recognize, but it is there.  Odin stops in the middle of the road. This part of the village had a battle though it. Almost everything is destroyed. Odin listens for the sound again, he hears it. Odin looks around, then he sees the source of the faint sound. A small girl is curled up next to a pile of rubble, which appears to have once been a house, she is crying. The little girl has dark brown hair, and skin that is as pale as young prince Loki.

"What is your name?" Odin asks. The little girl shoots her head up and looks at Odin with her bright blue eyes.

"Kyla." The little girl says in a small voice.

"How old are you?" Odin asks. The little girl rubs her eyes and looks back up at Odin.

"Three." Kyla says.

"Where are your parents?" Odin asks, though he fears the worst. This time little Kyla doesn't say anything, she simply turns her head and points to the pile of rubble that she is sitting by.

"They are dead." Odin says. Kyla nods. "Come here child."

Kyla stands up and walks up to Odin's chariot. Odin looks down at her, then picks her up. Kyla allows her self to be picked up and put in Odin's lap. She looks up at Odin, wondering what will happen next.

"You are my daughter now. I will raise you alongside my two sons. You are now the princess of Asgard." Odin says, Kyla smiles.

They start to ride back to the palace. Kyla falls asleep on the way.

Back at the palace

Odin walks in the palace door carrying little Kyla in his arms. Nine year old Thor looks around the corner and sees his father.

"Father! Loki, father is back from war!" Thor yells.

Eight year old Loki runs around the corner to meet Thor. They both run to Odin, happy he has returned. When they get to Odin, they stop. They have just now noticed Kyla.

"Father, you have a child in your arms." Thor says.

"He knows that Thor." Loki says. "But why do you have a child?"

By this time Kyla has woken up. Odin puts her down in front of Thor and Loki. Kyla says nothing, she only looks at the two boys in front of her.

"This is Kyla. She is now my daughter, and your sister." right as Odin says this, Thor's face lights up. Loki conceals his excitement, but a smile escapes. "I expect that you two be good brothers to her."

"Of corse father!" Thor says, Loki only nods. Though he might not act like it, but Loki is actually very excited, and he is the one who is looking forward the most to having a little sister.

"She will stay in the room you two share until we can have a room prepared for her. Now it is late, goodnight." And with that Odin leaves the room, leaving Kyla with Thor and Loki.

Thor looks down at little Kyla, a smile still spread across his face. He picks her up and throws her up and down. Kyla laughs with joy.

"Hello little sister, I'm your big brother Thor and this is your big brother Loki!" Thor explains.

Loki watches in horrer. He reaches up and grabs Kyla out of Thor's hands.

"She's just a baby! You're going to break her!" Loki says.

"No I wasn't!" Thor argues back.

"Whatever let's just go to bed." Loki says. Thor and Loki start to walk back to their room, Loki carrying Kyla.

That night Kyla sleeps in Loki's bed, she doesn't even think about all the things she has lost. She only thinks about her new beginning and her new family.

The next day

"Hello little sister! Are you ready for your first fun day in the palace!"

"Thor put her down! You're going to break our sister!"

Kyla has a very happy life in the palace. She loves her new brothers, father, and mother.

Author's Note- Hi! This is my first Thor and Loki fanfiction. I hope you like it so far. I will be writing stories about Kyla, Thor, and Loki's life together. Like there will be different scenarios just about their life. Have fun reading. Be sure to comment.

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