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Kyla- 15
Loki- 20
Thor- 21

Kyla wakes up to someone knocking on her door. She doesn't want to be seen in her night gown, so she quickly throws on one of her dresses. Then Kyla walks over and opens her door. She smiles when she sees who it is.

"Come on, I wanna show you something." Jace says, his voice in a whisper. Jace holds out his hand, Kyla places her hand in his and they start to walk down the hallway. "Careful, and stay quiet. If your brothers catch us, I won't live to see tomorrow morning."

"OK. And I'm sure they would kill me too." Kyla says. "So where are we going?"

Jace turns and smiles.

"It's a surprise." Jace says with a smile.

Jace and Kyla sneak out of the palace together, still holding hands the whole way. Jace leads Kyla into the woods. They walk for a while until the come to a clearing. It's beautiful. There are flowers, butterflys, and every thing seems to sparkle. There is one tree in the middle of the clearing. It only has leaves and branches on one side. It likes like someone cut it, but there are no cut marks, this happened completely naturally.

"Jace, it beautiful." Kyla says.

"This isn't what I wanted to show you." Jace says. He lead Kyla over to the tree, the side with no branches or leaves, and lays down, Kyla does the same. Jace smiles at Kyla. "Look up."

Kyla looks up, when she does, she is in awe. The stars. They are brighter than she has ever seen. Kyla and Jace point out shapes in the stars. Then a shooting star goes by. Kyla nudges Jace with her elbow.

"Quick make a wish." Kyla says.

"I wish you brothers liked me." Jace says, sadness in his voice.

"My brothers are over protective. They'll come around............ I hope." Kyla says.

"I don't know if they will. But I really like you, and if they don't like me, we can never be together." Jace says.

"I like you too." Kyla says, she doesn't know what else to say.

"Kyla, I promise you, no matter what, even if your brothers kill me, I will love you forever." Jace says he hugs Kyla. "I think we need to get back to the palace."

"My brothers can't tell me who to love.  Only I can choose.  And I choose you." She stands up, then turns to help Jace up.

Jace pretends that he is dead. He closes his eyes and doesn't move.

"I know you're alive we were just talking." Kyla says. Jace keeps up the act. Kyla grabs his hand and pulls. He still doesn't move. "Get up!"

Jace opens one eye. He jumps up and grabs Kyla. Jace spins her around. Kyla laughs.

"Put me down, you're just like my brothers." Kyla says. Jace puts Kyla down, and they start to walk back to the palace.

Thor had woken up in the middle of the night. He doesn't know why, but he did. He feels like something is off. Thor gets up, he walks out of his room, then goes and checks on Kyla. When he opens her door, she isn't there. Thor walks over to Loki's room, thinking that he might know something about there little sister's disappearance. Thor walks over and opens Loki's door.

"Brother?" Thor asks. Loki turns in his bed and looks at his door.

"Thor! You can't just barge into people's rooms!" Loki says.

"Do you know where our little sister is?" Thor asks, completely ignoring what Loki just said.

"Is she not in her room?" Loki asks.

"No." Thor replies.

Loki gets up and walks to Kyla's room. He looks in and doesn't see Kyla. He looks around her room and sees that her night gown is laying on her chair.

"I'll kill him." Loki says.

"Kill who? What are you talking about?" Thor asks.

"She's with Jace." Loki says.

Just then, Thor and Loki hear something at the door that leads to the hallway. There is no doubt about who it is.

Jace and Kyla stand outside the door. They look into each others eyes. Jace makes a flower, a blue rose, with his magic. Right as he is about to hand it to Kyla, the door slams open. Someone grabs Kyla by the arm, and someone else grabs Jace. The person who has Kyla pulls her into the palace. The flower falls to the ground and gets stepped on.

Jace watches as someone pulls Kyla away. Someone grabs him by the collar of his shirt, and slams him against the wall. He looks to see who it is. It's Thor, and he looks mad. Thor pushes against Jace's throat. Jace tries to pull Thor's hands away, but fails.

"What's with the wall and the throat? Is that like a sibling thing?" Jace asks, right before Thor pushes harder on his throat and Jace can't breath.

"You might be Loki's apprentice, and we can not get rid of you. But, we do have the power to keep you away from our little sister." Thor says, the he pushes harder on Jace's throat. "Stay. Away. From. Her."

Thor let's go of Jace. Jace falls to the ground, gasping for air.

Kyla looks up to see that Loki is the one who has her arm. Loki pulls Kyla into the hallway of the palace. Kyla tries to pull her arm away, but Loki just tightens his grip. Kyla finally yanks her arm out of Loki's grip. She turns and looks at him.

"What is wrong with you?!" Kyla yells.

"I thought I told you that I didn't want you hanging around Jace." Loki says.

"What's the problem?!" Kyla asks.

"He is a bad influence on you." Loki says.

"How?!" Kyla demands.

"You lied to me because of him. You snuck out because of him!" Loki says, his voice growing in volume. "You have never snuck out! And you are going against everything I say!"

"Loki, please I-" Kyla tries to explain.

"I don't want you seeing him, ever!" Loki says. "I forbid it."

"But Loki-" Kyla tries to plead with her brother.

"I forbid it!" Loki yells.

"Loki, I love him!" Kyla yells, she starts to back away towards her room. "And there is nothing you can do about it."

Kyla runs into her room, leaving Loki speachless. Just then Thor walks into the hallway. He walks up to Loki, who is looking at Kyla's now shut door and locked door.

"What is going on? What happened with Kyla?" Thor asks.

"She........she........nothing, just go to bed." Loki says as he walks into his room.

Thor decides to just shake it off, and walks into his room also. Though he can't help wonder what happened between his two younger siblings.

Jace has caught his breath and stands up. He starts to walk away from the palace. Before he leaves he picks up the now stepped on flower he was about it give Kyla. He has to come back in the morning. He knows that things will be very awkward between him and Loki. He also knows that he probably won't see Kyla. But Jace is determined, he loves Kyla, and no one can keep them from each other. He will just have to prove himself to her brothers.

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