A Boy

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Kyla- 13
Loki- 18
Thor- 19

Kyla was just walking around at the arena where all the games are played. Thor just had a game, he won of course. So he and his team are celebrating. Thor dragged Loki along, even though Loki really didn't want to go. So Kyla just wondered the arena by herself. All of a sudden, someone taps Kyla on her shoulder. Kyla turns around to see a boy that she has never met. He has blonde hair, and green eyes.

"Uh hi, I'm Daniel, and I was wondering, do you want to maybe go get something to eat together?" Daniel says. Kyla smiles.

"I'm Kyla, and I would love to." Kyla says, they both start to walk.

Thor and Loki have come back from celebrating. Loki is in a bad mode, since he was forced to go.

"Thor I told you that I did not want to go. Your friends don't like me." Loki says.

"Brother." Thor says, not even paying attention to what Loki just said.

"What?!" Loki asks.

"Look." Thor says, he points to Kyla and Daniel.

"Not. Happening." Loki says. Both him and Thor start to walk to Kyla and Daniel.

Kyla looks up and notices her brothers.

"No!" Kyla says.

"What's wrong." Daniel asks.

"No time, just come with me." Kyla says, she starts to get the other direction from her brother.

She tries to get away, but no such luck. Loki teleports in front of her and Daniel.

"Hold on." Loki says. By now Thor has caught up. "What's this?"

"Our little sister is with a boy, I do not like that, do you brother?" Thor asks.

"No." Loki says.

"Woah, wait, t-these are your brothers?!" Daniel says his eyes are wide.

"Yes." Kyla says in a sheppish voice.

"Yes. We are her brothers, and we do not appove if this." Thor says.

"And I suggest," Loki starts, then his face drops. "you run."

Daniel took Loki's advice, he ran.

"Wait!" Kyla called, but Daniel didn't stop. "What is wrong with you two?! You scared him."

"We were only protecting you." Thor says.

"You over reacted! We were just talking!" Kyla yells.

"You deserve the best. He would have put up with is if he was worth it. And he didn't, he is not worth it." Loki says.

"I-" Kyla starts, trying to protest, but she can't ghink of anything. "I hate when you're right."

"I know you do." Loki says, ruffling her hair.

"Stop! I'm still mad at you two!" Kyla says trying to hold in laughter.

"Do not worry little sister, you will find someone. When you are aloud to date, in twenty years." Thor says.

"What?! No!" Kyla says.

"No it is true, twenty five years if you ask me." Loki says.

"Well no one asked you." Kyla says.

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