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Kyla- 15
Loki- 20
Thor- 21

Kyla was outside of the lybrary door, she was going to try to scare Loki. Kyla waits for the right moment, but right as she is about to go, she hears Loki talking to someone. Then an unknown voice says something back. So instead of trying to scare Loki, Kyla decides to see who is in there. Kyla walks in, Loki stops talking and looks up to see who it is.

"Oh, hello Kyla. This Jace, he's my new apprentice. He will study magic from me. Jace this is my little sister Kyla." Loki says.

Kyla turns and looks at Jace for the first time. He is very tall, over a head taller than Kyla, and Kyla is tall for her age, but he is not quiet as tall as Loki. His hair is a lightish brown, and his bangs sweeps across his forehead just above his eyebrows. His is eyes are a dark blue, and they sparkle like stars in the sky. He is very muscular, and very tan. Jace walks over and holds out his hand to Kyla. Kyla takes his hand and shakes it.

"Hi." Jace says, his voice is deep, but it sounds sweet and smooth.

"Hi." Kyla says.

"How old are you?" Jace asks.

"Fifteen." Kyla says, she sees Jace smile.

"I'm seventeen. You're tall for your age." Jace comments, still with kindness in his voice.

"I like my hight very much." Kyla says.

"I do too, you are quiet beautiful, and your hight suits you." Jace says as he gives a half smile. Kyla blushes. Just then she realizes they are still holding hands, she pulls hers away. They are now just standing there looking into each others eyes.

"OK, Kyla, why don't you go eat breakfast." Loki says, interrupting their little start fest. He does not like the way Jace is looking at his sister. But he is trying to hold in his anger. Kyla and Jace look up.

Kyla nods and starts to leave. Jace grabs her hand before she can. He makes sure Loki isn't looking. He uses his magic to make a flower, a rose, that matches Kyla's eye color. He hands it to her, Kyla blushes even more. She takes the flower and walks out of lybrary.

Loki tries to contain his anger. He is very good at not showing emotions, but when it comes to his little sister, he can't help himself. He decides to just let it go, as long as it doesn't get out of hand.

Jace stares at the door for a second after Kyla leaves. He tries not to look to happy in front of Loki. But he is thrilled about meeting Kyla. And he actually likes her, alot.

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