Brothers in Trouble

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Kyla- 8
Loki- 13
Thor- 14

Kyla was in her room, reading one of Loki's spell books. Since she liked them so much, and kept stealing them, Loki gave her one of his old ones. Kyla was reading, when she heard yelling coming from the palace ball room. Kyla closes her book, gets up, and walks towards the ball room.

When she gets there she opens the door to see her brothers fighting. Kyla walks in, Thor is yelling, and Loki yells back.

"You painted Mjolnir's handle pink!" Thor yells, Kyla looks and Thor's hammer, and sure enough the handle is bright pink.

"Only because you went into the library and destroyed my lab table!" Loki yells. This was true, all of Loki's magic stuff and potions are in the lybrary, and Thor went in there and dropped Mjolnir on the lab table.

"That was an accident! This was intended!" Thor yells.

"Oh well, you shouldn't have been in the lybrary anyway, your huge empty head can't consume that knowledge." Loki says.

"That's it!" Thor yells, he lunges forward and tries to grab Loki. But Loki teleports away.

Thor runs to where Loki is, he tries to hit him with the hammer. It was a double and Thor hits the wall instead. The wall is almost destroyed.

"Will you ever not fall for that?" Loki asks, he is behind Thor.

Thor turns around and goes at Loki again. Loki ducks the attack and runs to the other side of the room, by the giant stain glass window. Thor runs over there and tries to hit Loki again. And again it is a magical double. Thor's hammer crashed into the stain glass window, shattering it.

"Really Thor, again." Loki says from where he is on the ceiling.

"Come down here!" Thor yells.

"Umm let me think, how about no." Loki says. Now Kyla is laughing her head off, because of both of her brothers actions.

Thor knows there is no way to reach Loki, but there is a way to get him down. Thor simple smiles and walks over one of the support beams. He taps it with his hammer. Loki falls off the ceiling and onto the ground. Thor runs over to him and they start to fight. Loki knocks Mjolnir out of Thor's hand. Thor tackles Loki and they start to fight around on the ground.

Kyla is still laughing. All of a sudden she hears the door open. She turns to see how it is. She shuts her mouth quickly. It's their father. Odin stats to walk towards Thor and Loki, who haven't noticed him yet. Kyla steps aside, then she turns to leave, but she doesn't, she stops at the door and watches what happens next.

Odin walks up to Thor and Loki. Thor and Loki stop fighting and look up. They get up and stand in front of their father. They avoid looking at him though. Odin looks at them, then around at the ball room, then back at them.

"What has happened here?" Odin asks, his voice calm, which made it ten time scarier to what he was going to do next.

"Loki painted Mjolnir's handle pink." Thor says.

"Only because he destroyed my lab table." Loki says.

"Then you angered me!" Thor says to Loki.

"I did not anger you, you chose to be angry at me." Loki says.

"You-" Thor starts.

"I have heard enough!" Odin says in a loud voice. Thor and loki jump and look at their father. Kyla even jumps. "You are both a blame for this. And you will both be punished."

Thor and Loki glare at each other. They want to yell in their own defense, but they don't dare speak out against their father.

"First off, I want you to clean all of this, I will have the servents fix the window and wall. Then you two will go to your rooms and stay there." Odin says.

"Yes father." Thor and Loki say in unison.

Odin turns to leave. Kyla runs around the corner so he doesn't know that she was listening. When Odin leaves she goes back into the ball room. Thor and Loki are just standing there.

"I can help." Kyla says, she is trying to make them feel better.

"No Kyla, you didn't do this. Thor did." Loki says.

"You are at fault too!" Thor says. Loki is about to yell something g back, but Kyla beats him to it.

"Please don't fight again!" Kyla says. Thor and Loki look down at her.

"Anything for you little sister." Thor says, he turns and walks to the window. Loki ruffles Kyla's hair, then he walks over to the wall and starts to pick up the rubble. Kyla walks out of the ball room and back to her room. She starts to read Loki's magic book again.

After a while Kyla hears someone walking down the hallway. She gets up and walks to her door. She opens the door and looks out, it's Loki. Kyla walks out of her room and catches up with him.

"Loki, I thought you were cleaning. Are you done?" Kyla asks.

"No, I have a magical double down there, pretending to help. Thor will always fall for that." Loki says with a smile.

"Haha that's funny. Oh by the way, what's with the blue potion? Come on I'll show you. What does it do? Have you ever made it?" Kyla says, she grabs Loki's hand and starts to pull him to her room so he can see what she is talking about.

"Ah, I see someone has been reading." Loki says as he follows his little sister.

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