The Wedding

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Kyla- 23
Loki- 28
Thor- 29
Jace- 25

Kyla looks at herself in the full length mirror. Her hair is curled and left down. She has a blue pin in it, a flower shaped one, a blue rose. Her dress is a brilliant white. It has short sleeves. It is tight at her waist, then it flairs out. It is long it touches the floor. Kyla looks at herself. Her mother standing beside her.

"I want you to wear this." Frigga says, she holds out a beautiful vail attached to a tiara.

"Mother, it's beautiful." Kyla says.

"It was mine, when I got married to your father." Frigga says as she places the vail on Kyla's head.

"Thank you mother." Kyla says, she turns and hugs Frigga.

"You're welcome my daughter. Your father would be so proud of you if he were here." Frigga says. She pulls away and holds Kyla at arms length. "You are the most beautiful girl in Asgard. I am the proudest mother there has ever been. I'm just sad to see you go. My only daughter."

A tear rolls down Frigga's face. Kyla wipes the tear away.

"Please don't cry mother. I will always be your daughter." Kyla says. They hug one more time.

"I have to go take my seat. Your brothers will be here in a minute." Frigga says.

"OK." Kyla says. She watches as Frigga walks out.

Kyla stays in there, looking in the mirror, preparing for what is about to happen. She hears a knock on the door. She turns and sees her brother Loki walk in. He is wearing a new tux, a green shirt underneath the black fabric of the tux. His hair is combed back. He looks quite nice actually.

"Hi Loki, where's Thor?" Kyla asks.

"He is still getting dressed, you know how slow the big oaf is." Loki says. "You look beautiful Kyla."

"Thank you." Kyla says.

"I just can't believe this is really happening. I've never thought about the day I would have to let my little sister go." Loki says. His face shows no emotion, but his eyes are sad and watering. Loki tries not to let it happen but a single tear rolls down his face, his face still has no emotion. He wipes it away, tries not to let Kyla see him doing so. But she does.

"Loki, are you crying?" Kyla asks.

"No, I don't cry." Loki says, even his voice is calm, but his eyes still sad.

"Loki, you are my brother. And there's nothing you can do about that. You are stuck with me forever." Kyla says, Loki smiles. Kyla hugs him.

There is a knock on the door. They turn and see Thor walk in. Thor has his hair combed and he is also wearing a new tux. With a red shirt uder the dark gray fabric of the tux. Thor walks up beside Loki. Kyla looks at her two brothers. She tries to hold in her smile. Loki raises an eyebrow. Then Thor and Loki look at each other.

"You have got to be kidding me." Loki says. "I went out and bought this! How are we wearing the same thing?!"

"I do not know brother. Great minds think alike." Thor says, he really doesn't care, he smiles.

"Aww but Loki I like it." Kyla says.

"Of course you would. This is going to be embarrassing, being dressed like my older brother." Loki says.

"No it won't brother. This will be a great day!" Thor says, throwing an arm over Loki's shoulder. Loki just rolls his eyes. "That reminds me. It is almost time to go."

"Are you ready Kyla?" Loki asks. Kyla takes a deep breath.

"Yes." Kyla says.

Loki opens the door for her. She grabs her bouquet, her bouquet is made up of every single rose that Jace has ever given her. They all had a magic spell so they never wilted. Kyla, Loki, and Thor walks out. Thor is on Kyla's right, and Loki on her left. Music starts to play, the doors open. They walk in and start to walk down the aisle. Kyla look at the front and sees Jace.

When Jace sees Kyla for the first time, he is over taken by her beauty. He bits his bottom lip, and watches her walk down the aisle, a smile growing across his face.

Thor and Loki stop, let Kyla go, and take their seats. Kyla walks up and stands in font of Jace. Jace smiles at her, the biggest smile on his face.

The reception goes perfectly. The priest says that Jace may now kiss his bride. Jace leans in and kisses her. Kyla wraps her arms around his neck. When they pull away, then turn to face everyone in the room. Right as this happens, Thor makes lightning spell out across the sky 'Jace and Kyla'. Loki uses his magic and makes fireworks in the shapes of hearts and roses appear in the sky.

"Now presenting Princess Kyla, daughter of Odin and Frigga, younger sister of Thor and Loki. And our new Prince, Prince Jace son of Sully and Bethany, older brother of Kimberly." The priest says. Everyone claps. Jace leans down to Kyla and whispers.

"I'm a prince?" Jace asks, his voice in a whisper.

"Well you did marry the princess of Asgard." Kyla whispers back.

"Oh yeah, I guess I never really thought of you as the princess of Asgard. You have always just been my princess." Jace says. Kyla smiles.

Kyla looks in the crowd. She sees so familiar faces. She sees Jaeger the creature hunter, Kane and Jane from the village, and so many other people she has met over the years. The rest of the night, there is food, music, dancing, and cake. It is the best wedding Asgard has had in a long time.

Two years later

It was Kyla and Jace's second year anniversary, and they were throwing a party. Every one was their, Kyla's parents, Jace's parents, Thor and Loki, Jace's sixteen year old sister, Kimberly. And all of the rest of their families.

Kyla made cupcakes for everyone. She gives one to everyone there. Right as everyone takes a bite, something happens. Everyone's cupcake has sparkles come out of it. All of the sparkles go to the middle of the room and they spell one word, 'Baby'.

Everyone's eyes go wide. Then they all smile and start to say how happy they are. Thor is the loudest, he is yelling about how this is a happy day, and how he will be the best uncle. Loki on the other hand is in shock. He is just staring at the word. His fingers twitch.

"Loki put him down." Kyla says. Loki snaps back into reality.

He looks over and see that Jace is up against the the wall and being held there. Loki realizes that it's his magic and stops. Jace falls to the ground. He stands up and dusts himself off.

"I'm sorry. I didnt even realize." Loki apologies.

"No its fine, I actually expected it." Jace says, like this was completely normal.

"Are you not happy?" Kyla asks.

"No, I'm thrilled. Really." Loki says. "I'm really happy for you."

"Thanks Loki." Kyla says.

"Isn't this great brother?!" Thor yells and throws a arm around Loki. No one saw Thor come up, he scared them all half to death.

"Yes! Now stop yelling." Loki says.

"But this is such a happy day, we afe going to uncles!" Thor says.

"I know this, and I am very happy, but you need to stop yelling." Loki says.

"Why would you want me to stop?! This is such a joyous occasion!" Thor yells, when he does, his voice shakes a bookself and books fall to the ground.

"Because your voice does that!" Loki says as he points to the books that fell.

"Opps." Thor says sheepishly, everyone laughs.

Kyla's life with Jace is amazing. They have two children, a boy and then a few years later, a girl. Thor and Loki have each found love and they too have children on the way. Life in Asgard has never been better.

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