A New Trick

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Kyla- 16
Loki- 21
Thor- 22
Jace- 18

Kyla watches as her brother teaches Jace a new magic trick. It's is supposed to be some kind of fighting move. It's actually pretty cool. Loki demonstrates it, using a fighting dummy as the target. He does something with his magic that makes a blast, it hits the dummy head on. Then he does a spinning jump, when he lands the dummy is lit on fire. Finally he does one more move, when he does, shards of ice fly at the dummy, every shard slicing the dummy in a different spot.

"Alright, now you try." Loki says to Jace. Jace's eyes widen a little.

"You want me, to do that?" Jace says.

"I want you to try it, yes." Loki says, pointing to the spot where Jace needs to start. Jace walks over and gets ready to start.

Kyla watches as Jace attempts the new move. He does fairly well, but he stumbles on the jump and most of the ice shards miss the target. Kyla giggles, Jace turns red with embarrassment.

"That was fine, you can work more on it tomorrow." Loki says.

"Hey can I try?" Kyla asks.

"No." Loki says.

"What why not?!"

"Because you are only sixteen, I don't want you hurt, and I don't have time to teach you today."

"Who cares that I'm sixteen. I won't get hurt. And make time."

"Kyla I said no." Loki says he turns and starts to walk away. Jace and Kyla follow.

"Sorry Kyla." Jace says.

"It's alright." Kyla says. "Hey!"

"What?" Jace asks.

"You can teach me." Kyla says in a whisper, trying not to let Loki hear her.

"What?! I can barley do it myself. And with if you did get hurt? I would never forgive myself." Jace says, also whispering.

"Oh come on! Just show me, I won't get hurt." Kyla says.

"Well I-" Jace starts.

"Jace cannot teach you either." Loki says, not even turning around. Kyla glares at him. "Stop glaring, I said no."

"You didn't even look! How did you know I was glaring?!"

"I know everything." Loki says, Kyla just rolls her eyes.

"Sorry." Jace says.

"It's fine." Kyla says. "It's not your fault."

When they get back to the palace Loki goes to the lybrary, Kyla stays in the game room and talks to Jace. After about an hour, Jace looks at the clock to see what time it is.

"Oh, sorry Kyla I have to go." Jace says.

"Aww." Kyla says, she throws a playful pouty face. Jace smiles and kisses her. They pull away. "When are you coming back?"

"I don't know, I might not be back until tomorrow. I have to help my parents with something, it might take all night." Jace says. "And I'm going to be late if I don't go now."

Jace kisses Kyla's forehead before turning and going out the door. Kyla watches him go. After a while of just sitting there being bored, she gets an idea.

Kyla walks out of the game room. She looks down the hallway to make sure no one is there. She walks down the stairs and out the door as quietly as she can. If Loki catches her, she's done for. So far, she doesn't think anyone has seen her. Kyla walks to the stables. She goes to her horse's stall. Her horse is a beautiful white stallion. His tail almost touches the ground and his mane goes right past his shoulder. Kyla get on him, bare back and no bridle, she doesn't need anything to ride him. Kyla rides toward the arena.

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