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Kyla- 15
Loki- 20
Thor- 21

It has been about two weeks since Kyla and Jace snuck out. Jace and Loki's magic sessions have been awkward. Ever time Kyla gets near Jace, Thor or Loki will pull her away. They haven't even been able to say one word to each other.

Kyla is walking down the hallway one day, when someone pulls her aside. She is about to scream out but whoever grabbed her, covers her mouth. Kyla looks at who has her, she is already planning her next move to get away.

"Shhh." Jace says as he smiles at Kyla. Kyla's face relaxes, then turns angry. She yanks Jace's hand away from her mouth.

"You jerk! You scared me!" Kyla says. Jace chuckles at her anger.

"You're cute when you're mad." Jace says giving a half smile. Kyla pushes him.

"Stop it, I'm trying to be mad!" Kyla says. Jace just smiles more. Then Kyla remembers her brothers. "Jace Thor and Loki will kill you."

"I know so I might as well make this meaningful, huh?" Jace says.

Jace looks into Kyla's eyes. He places his hand on Kyla cheek. Kyla blushes and looks down. Jace jently tilts her head back up. He leans in and kisses her. At first Kyla is suprised, but then she closes her eyes and kisses him back.

The kiss ends suddenly when Jace is pulled away. Kyla looks up to see Loki has Jace by his throat. Loki slams Jace against the wall and lifts him up off the ground, by his throat, with one hand. Jace grabs at Loki's hand, trying to pry it away from his throat, only he fails. Kyla tries to grab Loki's arm and pull it away, but Loki doesn't even move. Kyla looks at Loki's face, his eyes are red, and his teeth are clinched together.

"P-Please....c-can..w-we........t-talk?!" Jace says with all the strength he can.

"Loki. Loki please!" Kyla pleads, knowing that Jace can't breath. Loki looks at her, his eyes slowly turn back to normal.

Loki lets go of Jace's throat. Jace falls to the ground. Thor now comes up beside Loki.

"What is going on?" Thor asks.

"He was kissing our sister." Loki says through clinched teeth. Thor's eyes go wide, he starts to walk towards Jace. Jace throws his hands up.

"Wait! Wait, please don't, I just want to talk!" Jace says. Thor stops and looks down at Jace. Jace stands up.

"What do you want?" Loki asks.

"Please just listen." Jace says. Both Thor and Loki cross their arms and look down at Jace. "I know that you love Kyla and only want her to have the best. I love her too. And I promise I will never hurt her. But I am tired of having to sneak around just to talk to her. Please believe me, let us be together."

Thor and Loki stand there for a second, then Thor turns to Loki.

"Well brother, what do you think? Is he worthy of our sister?" Thor asks. Loki hasn't taken his glare off of Jace yet, he says nothing.

"Please Loki." Kyla says, she does the face she used to make when they were younger, the face Loki can't say no to. Loki sighs.

"Alright fine." Loki says. But he slams Jace against the wall. "If you ever hurt her-"

"I won't I promise!" Jace says cutting Loki off. "Can we please stop with the wall! I can't feel my throat anymore!"

Loki lets go of Jace. Jace smiles and goes over to Kyla. He picks her up and spins her around. Then he kisses her.

The only thing going through Loki's mind is, 'Don't kill him, don't kill him, don't kill him, I'll kill him!' Loki takes a step towards Jace. Thor grabs his arm and pulls him back.

"Let them be brother." Thor says. Loki just grinds his teeth and glares.

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