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Kyla- 14
Loki- 19
Thor- 20

Kyla opens her eyes, sits up in her bed, and looks sleepily at her clock. Now she is wife awake. She jumps up out of bed, runs to her closet, and hurries to get dressed.

Kyla runs down the hallway to the library. She opens the door quietly, and tries to sneak in unnoticed. It doesn't work.

"You're late." Loki says, he doesn't even turn around.

"I know I know, I'm sorry, I slept in." Kyla says as she walks over to her brother. "What are we doing today?"

"You are learning how to use your power as a weapon." Loki says. Then he turns to face Kyla. "But you cannot use this unless it's an emergency, or I am with you. Understand?"

"Yes, I understand." Kyla says, Loki turns back around, and Kyla roles her eyes.

"Do not role your eyes at me." Loki says.

"How did you know? You weren't even looking." Kyla says.

"Like I've said many times before, I am you big brother, I know everything." Loki says.

"Whatever can we just get started?" Kyla asks. Loki nods and walks over to the window. He opens it and places a little target on the ceal.

"OK you are going to try and blast this." Loki says.

"Why by the window? Won't I break it if I miss?" Kyla asks.

"Well I would rather you break the window than my lab." Loki says.

Kyla just let's it go and looks at the target. She extends her arm and tries to throw a blast. It starts to work about she takes to long to throw it. When she does release it, the forces from it takes her flying back. She flies over a few book shelves then starts to fall. She braces herself for when she hits the floor, but she never hits the floor. Kyla opens her eyes and sees Loki, he had caught her.

"What did I do wrong?" Kyla asks.

"Well," Loki says as he puts her down. "First off, you didn't let the blast go in time, so it got to big. Second, you are not big enough to control the size blast you made. So next time don't hold it so long let it go pretty soon."

"OK can I try again?" Kyla ask.

"Tomorrow. Right now I have to make a potion for Thor, he was riding his horse and fell off into swamp water, now he is sick. I wish he knew better than to swallow the water that got in his mouth." Loki says.

"Sounds like Thor. I'll see you later Loki." Kyla says as she starts to walk out of the lybrary.

"Do not try to do the blast with out me." Loki calls after her.

Kyla gets to the hallway. She sees a a vace on a little table. She extends her arm and tries to do the blast. It works this time, but the whole table falls, and breaks the vace.

"What did I just tell you?!" Loki calls from the lybrary.

"That Thor is sick. Got to go bye." Kyla says, she runs down the hallway.


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