Love and Anger

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Kyla- 15
Loki- 20
Thor- 21

Kyla was getting dressed one morning, when she heard a knock on her door. She ties the ribbon on the back of her dress then goes to answer the door. No one is there, the only thing there is a flower, a blue rose that matches Kyla's eyes, floating in mid air. She takes the rose, right as she touches it, silver sparkles come out of the top and spell out, 'You Are Beautiful. ~Jace'. Kyla smiles. Kyla and Jace have been getting really close lately. When Kyla has her magic lessons with Loki, Jace is there. Kyla goes into the lybrary and reads sometimes when Loki and Jace are just talking. Jace also gets to come to dinner at the palace at least three times a week, and the only open chair is the one right in front of Kyla. Every week, Kyla will find a blue rose somewhere with her name on a card.

Loki walks by Kyla's room and sees her looking at a blue rose. Loki knows exactly where it came from, and he is not happy about it.

Thor has noticed the way Kyla and Jace look at each other. He is not to found of this. He has decided to keep an eye on Jace.

Jace has been leaving roses for Kyla. He really likes her. But he can't help but notice the way Loki and Thor have been acting towards him. Loki will be completely fine during their magic sessions. But right as Jace gets even the slightest bit close to Kyla, Loki's face will drop. And Thor will just glare at Jace everytime he gets near Kyla. But Jace really doesn't care, he likes Kyla, a lot.

Kyla finishes doing her hair, and walks out of her room. She has nothing to do today, so she will go to the lybrary and read. Right as Kyla gets to the lybrary door, someone grabs her hand and pulls her to the side, in between two bookshelves. Kyla turns to see how grabbed her, it was Jace. He smiles.

"Hello." Kyla says, not really knowing what else to say.

"Hi. I hope you know, I think you're amazing, and I really like you." Jace says, he gives a side smile, his eyes sparkle as they look into Kyla's.

"I-" Kyla starts, but she is interrupted when Loki walks into the room.

"What's going on?" Loki asks, his teeth are almost clinched together with anger.

"Jace was helping me get a book." Kyla says, she feels bad about lying to her brother, but she doesn't know what else to do.

"Yeah, um, here." Jace says as he reaches up, grabs a book, and hands it to Kyla.

"Thanks, I'll be going now." Kyla says, she takes the books and walks out of the lybrary.

Jace starts to walk towards Loki's lab. Before he can even take two step, Loki grabs him by the collar of his shirt. Loki slams Jace against the wall as hard as he can, Jace gets the breath knocked out of him. Jace can't breath since Loki's hands are pushing against his throat.

"Listen." Loki says, anger boiling over in his voice, he's eyes turn red. "Kyla is my little sister, I love her more than anything. I want you to stay away from her. Because is you hurt her, I will find you. No matter how far you run, no matter where you go, no matter how safe you think you are, I will find you."

Loki's eyes turn back to normal. He releases Jace and walks out of the room. Jace doubles over and tries to catch his breath.

Loki walks down the hallway. He stops when he gets to Kyla's room. Her door is open and she is holding a flower, a blue rose. Kyla looks up and sees Loki, she puts the flower behind her back. Loki doesn't come in her room, he stays at the door.

"I know you lied to me." Loki says.

"Loki I-" Kyla trues to explain. Loki holds up his hand and stops her.

"I don't want you seeing Jace anymore. You won't come into the lybrary during his magic sessions. And he will leave during your lessons." Loki says.

"But Loki-" Kyla says, but before she can say anything else, Loki leaves.

Kyla take the flower back out, and stares at its petals. One tear falls onto the beautiful blue flower.

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