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piccola principessa by Kenzielikeswdw
piccola principessaby Ilikemafiastuff
Kenzie is a 14 year old normal girl,living with her mom and step-father,at the age of 9 Kenzie looses her to cancer,she gets taken care of by her step-father Antonio. ...
Older Brothers | ✔ by peachynamjooni
Older Brothers | ✔by M a r y
After her mother's death Lilith gets a new legal guardian, her older brother. With no knowledge of having four other older brothers, Lilith is send to live with them. B...
Ravens rules  by seekjesusyall
Ravens rules by seekjesusyall
Raven is a carefree, troublesome, picky, funny and missing person?? Yeah, she was taken from her family and thrown into the foster system when her abductor realised, tha...
Catching Charlie by poppy0402
Catching Charlieby ~Poppy~
Charlie; a little girl who needed catching. Leo, Oscar and Atlas; her three older brothers who awaited with open arms. ~ Five year old Charlie's life gets turned upside...
Brothers I Never Knew by Destiny-Addams
Brothers I Never Knewby Destiny-Addams
How would you feel if you were held at gun point because your brothers pissed off a guy? Add in the fact I'm an only child, then you have the weirdest scene since I was...
Her Road To Go by _Alyrius_
Her Road To Goby 𝓐𝓳𝓳𝓳
She live her life the fullest as she is love by everyone in her home, where everyone supports and cheer for her. Some things also somewhat makes her feel empty and a fee...
Uncover  by coolgirl_xo
Uncover by Niki ;)
Bri Jenkins is well a troubled girl always getting into fights never being able to control her anger and never takes any bullshite from anyone well except when it comes...
Protective Bros on Tour by Gracexoxo2000
Protective Bros on Tourby Gracexoxo2000
Bonnie Masters is five years old. She's the youngest, cutest, littlest person of the Masters family. Her older siblings are the well known band, Beats Unlimited, who ha...
Three Brothers by -DRACH0E_M0UTHB0Y
Three Brothersby ꧁ 𝑹. ꧂
"I wish you were never born!" He screamed at my shocked face. I was in the verge of crying, but I decided to stay strong. "Fine! You all hate me and I hat...
The Moon Goddess's Granddaughter by its_just_anagha
The Moon Goddess's Granddaughterby Anagha Menon
The Moon Goddess is slowly losing her powers. She now faces a dilemma, she has 5 sons whose mates haven't been able to bear a girl child who could take her place and be...
Letting Them In | On Hold  by xxaarieexx
Letting Them In | On Hold by ✨
"Everyone has a fudged up chapter in their lives, I also have one named brothers!" The maze of life brings the 13 years old package of beauty, brains and brave...
My werewolf brothers by NinaBalas
My werewolf brothersby Nina Balas
•One girl Seven brothers •Little red Riding Hood Seven big bad wolves •One familly Lots of problems •One secret Lot of mystery (I DO NOT own any of the pictures I use) U...
Darkest Journey by absworddump
Darkest Journeyby abby reed :)
Eleanor hasn't has it easy. From being homeschooled her whole life and trapped in a house she called hell, Eleanor faced the wrath of her mother and stepfather. She is i...
Beyond The Eyes by justairpodswithleash
Beyond The Eyesby nooffencenot
Lucia and Maeve are twins. Maeve is the innocent one- her eyes yet to see the darkness of the cruel world. A happy go lucky girl, who loves everyone. Though very hardwo...
Little sister (Discontinued) by PinkLemonade522
Little sister (Discontinued)by PinkLemonade
Follow Emma on her adventures with five brothers, an annoying twin, his equally annoying best friend, her oldest brothers best friend who never seems to go to his own ho...
Lessie by Gracejenniferanne
Lessieby Gracejenniferanne
Lessie has always been alone and unloved. she has always been criticised by her mother. she has never being cared for and felt loved. she has only given others love and...
What They Don't Know by Emily6802
What They Don't Knowby WinterMayz
Tessa has been abused for the past two years by the hands of her stepfather. When he disappears and is a wanted criminal, Tessa is taken into social services where she's...
Older Brothers by lookingatitnow
Older Brothersby lookingatitnow
Khloe Lakewoods life isn't ordinary. It's the opposite. She has six older and overprotective brothers. How does she survive? She spent the start of her high school going...
Pieces - (Spanking) by shy1ne
Pieces - (Spanking)by shy1ne
(non-sexual spanking of a minor involved) After Jessica's parents die, she is sent to live with her older brother, who moved out 8 years ago. She barely knows him, and w...
Desired Win by glaggiesdaughter
Desired Winby lol
It would be the summer of a lifetime. Drama, Heart Break, Romance, Big Brother has it all. Houseguests stay in the Big Brother house No access to the outside world. No...