The Alphas Love

The Alphas Love

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Ladyjackson1234 By ladyj8002 Updated Apr 21, 2015

"Oh my god is that who i think it is" Kim says from next to me at our lockers as she stares wide eyed and opened mouth at whoever coming down the hallway. "what are you talking about" i say stepping away from my locker and looking in the same direction she was looking only to have my world turned upside down as i see the Alphas nerdy son Jason turned into the sexiest thing ever. feeling ,y legs get weak just from the sight of him i grab a hold to the locker for support.

"that is him Jason.....Jason Keller" Kim says from next to me obviously oblivious to the torment that i am going through at the very moment. "What in gods named happened to him he is to die for" she says biting her lower lip still not looking away from Jason as he makes his way down the hall with a big boob no brain bimbo hanging off his arm.

Stopping right in front of us his scent hits me full force causing me to stumble back a bit and my wolf to howl with happiness i found my mate and hes The soon to be Alpha in the few months you have got to be kidding me.

smiling a sexy dimple smile i feel my heart rate pick and we lock eyes. The bell then rings bringing us out of our own little world only for reality to kick in looking back to the chick on his arm hurt and jealousy flash through my eyes.

"i need to go" i say turning around to make a run for it ,i hide in a classroom down the hall, breathing in deeply i try to get my erratic breathing under control. Hearing the door close and lock behind me my body stiffens tingles shoot up my arm and i know its him touching me" he whispers low in my ear causing chills to run down my spine "I've been dreaming  of this day for years now...Mate..." he says trailing his lips down to the place were his mark would be "you may think running away from me will make me stop but trust me little one I'm a different man now and i get what i want...... and right now ms. Rain Marie Steel's....... i want YOU"

When I read the description i was like what do mean right now what about the later
blackbathbomb blackbathbomb Aug 08, 2016
Guys this is the before picture . Calm down he's gonna cut his hair
chirpymutherfucker chirpymutherfucker Mar 13, 2016
I didn't read the top and thought it was a girl till it said "alpha's son"
AlaskanWolf88 AlaskanWolf88 Feb 18, 2016
Jeez dude, what are you a surfer? I mean come on, thats some long-ass hair.
llthomas137 llthomas137 May 06, 2016
One two three is counting down? Wouldn't down be three two one?
Fiestybums Fiestybums Jun 17, 2015
At 1st I thought that she was I girl named JASON....but then I found it weird BUT then I thought that Jason was gay!!!!!