Rightfully Yours BxB

Rightfully Yours BxB

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My father is the Alpha of our pack. The Midnight run pack. He is the most respected man that I have ever known. All that matters to me is me pleasing him. I want to be like him when I am Alpha.  I am standing in his office nervously. I have to tell him but I am scared. He is all the family that I have since my mother died. 

His hair is short and black like mine. He looks up at me with his brown eyes. That is the difference between us. Our eyes. Mine are emerald green like my mothers. He looks at me curiously.

" Milo son? you ok?" he asks me

I nodded my head and my hands are shaking.

"Dad? I have to tell you something! I don't know how to say it... I kinda figured it out today..." I spit out quickly.

"Well? What is it?" He laughed at my hyperness.

"I'm gay." I spat out.

His smile dies on his face and his face went cold. I shiver in a little fear but brush it off.

"Are you sure? You could be going through some phase or something." He asked kinda carefully.

"I'm Positive. I know I might be really young but I promise that I am." I say proudly.

He stands up and walks over to me. He lifts my face up and stares at me. I get more nervous.  What the hell is he doing? He brings his hand down across my face. His wolf claws extended. I feel them cut down across my face. I lift my hands to my face and see blood on them. I whimper and look up at my dad.

"You are no longer my son.  Your rights for being the next alpha have been revoked.  Anything that was rightfully yours its mine now. You are nothing to me now. You are the lowest in the pack and will have to ask for everything. Get the fuck out of my sight." He threw me into the wall. I whimpered and ran out.


I was ten years old when that happened to me. My life has been hell ever since. There is nothing I can do about it. I've been beaten burned and have other things done. My wolf hates me and I don't blame him.


I hate myself..

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floophoenixLing floophoenixLing Sep 15, 2017
What kind of Alpha is that? 😠 Bullying his own flesh and blood just because he's gay? Well, karma is waiting for him!😡
Kappayokai Kappayokai Mar 23
Why? I mean all went downhill whern you were ten so you should have learned how to read by then what happened?
messiah2017 messiah2017 Mar 11, 2016
Aww!!!!! I hate when people are BULLIED!!! (I've experience It!!)
stantaekook stantaekook Sep 18, 2016
Wow he threw out his ten year old son away 
                              So good parenting like literally sooooooooooo good.😐😑
TheDeathlyJinx TheDeathlyJinx Apr 02, 2016
If I have kids I'd rather my son be gay then straight and  to get a dumb chick knocked up...................... oh no his future
loving_the_physco loving_the_physco Jan 26, 2016
I would never even look as him as my father. Someone who does that to their child doesn't deserve the position he has. He disgusts me