Why me Alpha

Why me Alpha

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sweetsabz By sweetsabz Updated Mar 30, 2017

"Hello.... Can you hear me I'm Calling from 

"Shut up Kim it's the middle of the night!" 

Oh it looks like I've woke up the sleeping beauty well guess what b****  I woke up 20 mins ago so I ain't going back to sleep. 

"The closet and I my turned my kidnappers hair pink"

"Kim I did not kidnap you.  now shut up! You sound like a dying whale!"

"He thinks that he hot and his voice is sexy but he doesn't know that most of the time his voice breaks which make him sounds  like one of the dumb sluts from high school"

"I do not sound like a slut" 

"Oohh shut up we all know that you have just stared  puberty" 

"Kim how the f@!k are you doing drugs in the closet when there isn't any


Seventeen year old Kim had been through a lot with her life. Her parents died when she was only three years old.  

Carter James. The alpha of the Red blood  Pack, Carter was ruthless and mean with a ego the size of tree. He cared about his pack and expected every member to be in good shape. When he met Kim he considered her to be weak as she was an Omega and hadn't seen her shift at all.

WARNING: there will be spelling mistakes and poor grammar

  • abused
  • alpha
  • controlling
  • hurt
  • mate
  • posseive
  • regret
  • scared
  • unwanted
Sheepking2000 Sheepking2000 Sep 13, 2017
Two mistakes: 
                              1. You hilariously spelled Cater instead of Carter
                              2. Between FOR/MATE put a "A" there
veins (I hope you don't mind if I help point out some spelling errors) If you do, let me know!