Gangleader Love...?

Gangleader Love...?

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Rose Paxton was born and raised in the 2nd baddest and most feared gang in North America, G6.She is good at manipulating people and is about to become G6's new leader.

Dakota Tate's dad killed the leader of a notorious gang years ago and took over the #1 gang in North America, All-American Killers (AAK). Dakota has sex with anything female and his dad can't get him to settle down and get married.

When Rose's dad and Dakota's dad have a gang meeting, they decide to make Rose and Dakota have an arranged marriage to bring the two gangs together and have the most powerful gang in North America and South America.

Dakota and Rose were trained to hurt each other and now they have to marry each other! Will the two kill each other or will they fall in love with each other?

(if you see someone copying my story, please let me know. thank you!)

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Tamartion Tamartion Jan 05, 2017
Y the piercings are you saying that he's gonna be a 66 year old man with lip piercings
IvyDemonSlayer IvyDemonSlayer Jan 12, 2017
lol i F*cking love how u put for Dakota, chances of living are slim...Unless your Rose
                              & for  Rose, pretty much has complete control over Dakota
JWriterQueen JWriterQueen Jun 01, 2016
I would rather die than being respectful to someone who is disrespectful and arrogant.
dreaorandy dreaorandy Dec 04, 2016
I thought she had piercings but she is still pretty nice choice
dancer_0908 dancer_0908 Mar 30, 2016
My response to things I'm never gonna do in life.. example: be the perfect angel my parents want me to be