His Baby

His Baby

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卌 Lexi Rose 卌 By AlexandriaRoseWalker Completed

Rose Quinten is the daughter of an ex-Navy seal turned security for the rich and famous. after a tragic life in England they up and move to sunny California where she meets the bad boy at a party when a guy tried to force himself on her, it then turned out that she slept with him that night after a few hours of playing games before.

Rose unknowingly meets the family and the boys who caused it. Rose is in for one hell of an adventure and also gets more than she bargained for in the end.


There was forty five seconds left on the timer which would detonate the bombs. When Leo came running through the trees and stopped in front of me "She's gone" I breathes out "What?" I ask lowly, "Her gun was on the floor and there is four sets of footprints heading towards the warehouse, three males and one female, "No" I whisper, I turn my head to the warehouse, 'She's inside' I thought to myself just as the bombs went off and the whole warehouse looked like a fireworks display "NO" I scream and run to the warehouse my men following closely behind.

When I reached the gravelled ground I stood frozen, there was nothing there, the entire warehouse was gone, burnt bodies all over the ground, well parts of bodies everywhere, and there was a few whole bodies but not enough to get an identification on them.

 I fell to my knees in agony, "Rose" I whispered, I felt a hand being placed on my shoulder but I didn't even bother to push it away like I usually would, it was as if my entire body suddenly felt weak, it hurt to move, and I could feel my heart clenching in pain.

She was gone, and so was my son. My beautiful and amazing girl who I loved more than anything, the girl who was carrying my son, my baby who in a month's time would have been in my hands whilst I watched my girl rest from hours of labour.

My whole world gone, I didn't deserve Rose and yet she stayed, she stood by my side no matter what I had been through or what I had done, she was my everything and now she was gone.

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LadyTokimi LadyTokimi Sep 23, 2016
Period after school. 
                              my mother no longer lives in my life which I'm truly glad for. Unfortunately, that encounter, is a long story that I would rather not reminisce.
allieharrie allieharrie May 20, 2016
Wow! Sex right after your first kiss. Talk about not wasting any time.
LadyTokimi LadyTokimi Sep 23, 2016
, after closing quotation and . After garden. Capitalize Placing then , after counter.
                              I would suggest adding a verb between to and my father ( like meet, greet, etc.)
LadyTokimi LadyTokimi Sep 23, 2016
After basement
                              Basement, which serves as my father's (workroom/office).
                              My father, an ex-navy seal turned bodyguard,( works for/ owns) a company that manages security for the rich and famous.