Rough Heart | ethan dolan by totallycameron
Rough Heart | ethan dolanby mar ❃
some people say that the most important things in life cannot be seen or even touched; they are felt with the heart. in that case, ethan didn't feel anything at all. hi...
  • dolan
  • grayson
  • dolantwins
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A Little Flower  by galaxies_and_vodka
A Little Flower by can i pet ur doggo
"Do as Daddy says, Baby Girl, and you will be so Goddamn rewarded."
  • rough
  • lg
  • submissive
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Daddy's Best Friend (Trixie Book 1) by Dinkyballs
Daddy's Best Friend (Trixie Book 1)by Dinkyballs
A country girl's world is turned upside down when a beastly big city man blows into town.
  • love
  • daddykink
  • hate
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Supernatural smut by TumblrGirl_40
Supernatural smutby TumblrGirl_40
Lots and lots of smut!!!!!!!!
  • sweet
  • smutwarning
  • castielxreader
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Little Boy To Adulthood Sexual Exploits by EJWheeler
Little Boy To Adulthood Sexual EJ Wheeler
from the age of three to adult hood i have been raped and molested by several men and woman from family to friends and sexual curiosity of my sexuality this is my story...
  • violence
  • true
  • curiosity
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The Early Mist  by sadisticblood
The Early Mist by Audrey Love
Lights out before the mist comes. They see your light is on, or you're out of your shelter, you're taken prisoner or if you're fortunate they'll just kill you on the sp...
  • alien
  • mean
  • romance
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No Matter What by Joshinaaaaa
No Matter Whatby 1-800-GimmeFood
• • • • • • Let me go, nigga." "No, Z. I miss you." He whispered in my right ear, causing chills to go down my body. "I miss holdin you, and kissin...
  • thug
  • rough
  • black
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♛BabyGirl♛ // Harry Styles (Book 1) by stylesdaae
♛BabyGirl♛ // Harry Styles (Book 1)by Jess
"Do you understand Eliza?" I nodded looking down at my fingers. "Elizabeth!" he said harshly. "Yes." I muttered. "Yes, what?"...
  • relationship
  • daddyharry
  • cute
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My Alpha Mate's  by Kalakaua_2
My Alpha Mate's by Kalakaua_2
This story is about the pack series. This book is a Manxboyxboy there will be incest in the first book but idk bout the others you guys tell me what you want in the next...
  • boyxboy
  • gay
  • sexy
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Joey Birlem *SMUT/DIRTY* by DirtyFanFiction__
Joey Birlem *SMUT/DIRTY*by Dirtyfanfiction
Here is some smut and some dirty sh*t for you if you are a Joey Birlem Stan :)) I also have some other smut with other signers or actors or social media stars... so chec...
  • dirty
  • book
  • dirtyfanfiction
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Ready to be Gay 🌈👅 by PussyPounder05
Ready to be Gay 🌈👅by Pussy Pounder👅🌈
Most gayest shit you ever seen🌈.#GxG#GIFS#LGBT
  • lesbians
  • gifs
  • gayness
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Pleasure with Business by SamanthaWritesss
Pleasure with Businessby Samantha
Addilyn Lynch is moving to Long Beach, California to take an internship with Suits by Marx; however, it's not what she expects. Cayson Marx is owner of Suits by Marx and...
  • romance
  • pleasure
  • ceo
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Hurt me: Joker's flame  by Louisa532
Hurt me: Joker's flame by Louisa532
One fateful night, chance encounters are made and their lives forever change. Love either weakens you or strengthens you and Joker finds out just what love does to him...
  • fanfiction
  • harleyquinn
  • joker
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Slaves to the Roman Empire by Christine810
Slaves to the Roman Empireby •Lùnätic Löver•
Sophia Squire and her long time friend Margaret Hall are taken by soldiers of the Roman Empire and forced as slaves to the King and his right hand men. They make haste t...
  • empire
  • slave
  • wwe
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Impractical Foursomes  by Buggytheturtle
Impractical Foursomes by TheObsessedTurtle
  • livetv
  • sexual-content
  • friends
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Erotica by WETandHOT4U
Eroticaby WETandHOT4U
Get it hard and straight if you're a guy. Get it hot and wet if you're a girl. And just start rubbing babe! I prefer it to start slow so keep calm and enjoy the tease. ...
  • mature
  • hot
  • tutor
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😫No Daddy😫 by mehteddybear
😫No Daddy😫by mehteddybear
  • shots
  • rough
  • love
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bottom namjoon ideas(?)  by simplybulletproof
bottom namjoon ideas(?) by mono.
I LOVE ME SOME BOTTOM NAMJOON🤠 anyways if you want to make a book about these ideas, at least give me some credit💗
  • topjimin
  • bottomjoon
  • fluff
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Yeah daddy! by ZaddyPapiiii_
Yeah daddy!by Zendiah
"You were a bad girl. Do you need to be punished again?" "No, please, Master." I could feel his fingers dig into my pussy and then he filled my ass w...
  • zaddy
  • rough
  • touge
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