The contract she signed.

The contract she signed.

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Chris walked towards me, I moved a step behind but her back touched the wooden door. 
Chris came close and put both his hands by my side not touching her at any point.

i could feel his breath right at my face. 

Chris you need to stop. I had to stop him.

Why should I? Chris chuckled 

I have to answer him. But for tonight if I let of my guard and let me see how it feels to be in his arms. For tonight I can be his girl.

Tell me Shimmer don't you want this too?

I knew  I wanted this more than anything I have ever wanted. I knew if I let him touch I will fall in love with him.

Shimmer nodded And looked into his hazel brown eyes and bit her lip.

Do not tease me Shimmer and tel me what you want. I know you want me. and don't say otherwise. I can see the passion in your eyes. 

I can feel your little buds tighten right now. 

Yes I want to feel what it could be but... should i tell him what if he will not want me after that? 

Chris is the CEO for The Greens Ivy a chain of hotels. He was very successful and ruthless. 
He came with a lot of power and money. He always got what he wanted . 

This time what he wanted was his personal assistant 

I had just shifted  to London and my best friend Samantha had got me this job.
Samantha and i had met during school. 

We had become the best of friends. Samantha was very beautiful unlike me.

Beware Shimmer he is a the king of breaking hearts and you my bestee for sure will fall for what he is. Do not make the mistake every girl makes. he does only one nights. I heard Samantha's words clearly in her head.

I had come to London and got the job as his personal assistant and no doubt that I had started to fall for him since the moment she had seen him in his cabin.

I  had skeletons in my  closet.  Which he did not know of. Shall I let this happen

Will Shimmer  and Chris find love?
 Is Chris her Prince charming?

Will Chris past come in between the Love and lust they have found or will Shimmer return back to the streets ?

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  • mafia
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  • power
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