The Alpha's Human Mate

The Alpha's Human Mate

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hunts By actuallmermaid Updated May 16

I walked out of the bathroom, not seeing Drew. Suddenly I was grabbed and pushed up against a wall. Drew's intoxicating smell captured me making me oozy. His warm lips were dangerously close to my ear when I heard him whisper "Don't play games with a wolf."


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diligitis_ diligitis_ Dec 18, 2017
Ooooooohh be careful because you're future husband is there.
AlexiaLeah AlexiaLeah Nov 14, 2016
First thing that comes to my mind ins harry potter😂😂😂😂😂
NickiMinajlover2468 NickiMinajlover2468 Dec 10, 2016
I thought it would be a girly name like; Naomi, Heaven, or that spelled backwards Nevaeh
cupcakecandle67 cupcakecandle67 Nov 08, 2016
Oh fudge another werewolf story... love it... very very much..