His Possession {Major editing}

His Possession {Major editing}

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"I don't want to go with you" I whispered... 

Big mistake. 

I screamed as he slammed me down to the ground hard and held my neck, he straddled my hips hovering over me and growled in my ear making me whimper. 

"You are mine do you understand? Mine. And I will have you to myself which means you are going to join me and my pack" he said and I shook my head "j-just reject me and none of this has to happen" I whispered and he growled sliding his other hand down my stomach. 

"Don't test me mate" he said and I gasped as he grabbed me "you belong to me now so like I said before. Go home and pack your bags" he said and I just shook my head "I don't want to leave my pack-" 

"To-fucking-bad" he said 

"I let you go twice. I'm not letting you go again" he growled and I looked up at him nervously shaking my head. 

"Do as I say or I'll kill your pack. One. By. One" he said putting his lips to my ear "no" I whimpered and he looked at me. "I-I'll do it" I whispered and he nodded letting me go.

MipMipDead MipMipDead 3 days ago
Wear the cone of shame if it you mentally asked, "which one?"
KDenise_22 KDenise_22 3 days ago
Either Xavier finds his mate and she dies then he goes back to Jordyn 
                              Or Jordyn's mate is another overly overprotective alpha who threatens to kill her pack 
                              Hmm I need the drama rn
KDenise_22 KDenise_22 3 days ago
Idk why but like 
                              I like overly over protective mates 
                              Cuz like the more theyll be like "UR MINE AND U HAVE TO COME WITH ME CUZ IMMA MURDER UR FAMILY IF NOT"
                              Like it adds more tension and drama for us 
                              And somehow I like the drama 😂😂
Dezi1223 Dezi1223 5 days ago
Already she's so little why you gatta pull a Disney 😭😭😭😭
KDenise_22 KDenise_22 3 days ago
Gosh can't u just stay that way until u grow up?
                              Oh right u can't 
                              Cuz I like drama