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I am the alphas mate

I am the alphas mate

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kelsey By kbushby124 Completed

I was grabbed by the arm and pinned against the wall, I gasped in shock as I looked up to see the dude from earlier, "what the h-" I was cut off when he placed his finger over my lips and shushed me, "Mine" he growled. yes growled, I mean who growls. Before I could respond, he smashed his lips on to mine and ravished them. Instantly a strange spark ignited inside me, tingles erupted on my lips. I suddenly felt this uncontrollable pull towards him, like he's meant for me. Why do I feel like this? I felt his hands grab my hips and pinned me harder against the wall with his body.
Before I knew it I was kissing him back. His hair was wrapped around my fingers as I pulled his lips closer to me. One of his hands stayed on my hip as his other hand, slid down to my thigh, his thumb, rubbing circles in a spot, sending shivers up and down my leg. His tongue swept into my mouth, exploring the interior. My eyes widened when I felt something very prominent against my stomach. I pushed him away and I began to panic. Suddenly, the sound of my smack against his cheek filled the empty hallway.

MaiLanDang7 MaiLanDang7 Mar 18
Wait....I think that I've already read this but I have a need to read it again 😂😅
I really like it. The tripping thing is something i can relate to! XD
CasualShrug CasualShrug Dec 28, 2016
Is it unhealthy to listen to a Yuri On Ice playlist on repeat?
roses8489 roses8489 Jan 24
First off, knickers? Wtf does she mean underwear?. Second off,the sound of her mate😏
HAYEZ547 HAYEZ547 Feb 10
Isn't everybody afraid of tripping on the first day or at all i know I am
Alyzzzzle Alyzzzzle Dec 18, 2016
OH MY GOSH  he's a werewolf!!!!! I bet her mom was her dads mate but nooo he got rejected