Alpha Ares [Complete]

Alpha Ares [Complete]

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They chanted counting down to the moment Ares will meet his mate.



Sparks erupted in my heart making me gasp and fall onto my knees in shock of the unfamiliar feeling. Everyone in the ballroom turn to me before gasping in shock.  A loud Beastly roar is heard through the air making everyone go silent.

"Oh Shit!" Steven exclaimed next to me, his brown eyes going huge at the sight in front of me 

I look up to see Ares, he jumps off the stage and runs at me, the crowd splits in half leaving me in the middle where he can get to me easier 

"Gee thanks guys" I glare at everyone 

He quickly but gently picks me up into his strong arms slamming his soft pink lips onto mine. 


It's as if all of the evil memories or thoughts of him were washed away as I kissed him more. Like as if I was brainwashed, in a trance that I couldn't break out of. It was addicting like a drug, I had to have more. 

Then I remember who he was. What he has done to innocent people. My mate is a monster.

I pull away in shock not believing what I just have done. It felt like I murdered someone just by kissing Him. 

This is wrong. 

I hate it. 

But, I love it. 

He looked at me with shock and hurt expression on his face 

The Alpha Ares actually has feelings? 

"What did I--" He asked quickly but was cut off by me bolting into the crowd of people leaving Ares standing there In shock. 


This is my first story so please don't roast me boy and the sequel is way better trust me. Just bare with me pls. 

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JadeyMnm JadeyMnm Jan 19
Am I the only one who’s concerned that a tampon we’ll get stuck up her nose
Sameee, I painted my room grey and basically everyone in my family at first was like eww why but now they love it and im like I know 😛
I just finished 2 hours of the Hamilton musical now I’m thinking of listening to it again just cuz u mentioned it great 😭😭
Daqueen93 Daqueen93 Jul 16, 2017
THAT IS A WASTE OF HEIGHT. She could legit get a guy that's 5'8 and he'd be significantly taller than her but here I am if I get a 5'10 guy we'll be an inch away in height 😑
Shel3yy Shel3yy Dec 13, 2017
100%. It wasn't the fact u just-ya know-maybe slaughterd two innocent weres like 20 Mons ago
batula_reads batula_reads Dec 28, 2017
I swear that's what I say when a teacher starts to yell at u to do ur work