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JEANN By JXXYEENG Updated Jul 15

"He is not the vampire you think he is."

We live in a world that not all of us believe in mythical creatures like aliens, fairies, werewolves, add vampires to the list as well.

And in this world, there are people like Park Chanyeol.
A tall, handsome and one of nicest human beings ever. He charms everyone he meets with his smile and his personality. But how will Chanyeol react if his life long best friend and crush is a blood sucking monster, and it's his blood that completes him?

Which brings us to Byun Baekhyun.
A young vampire with angelic features who is slowly undergoing his full transformation of becoming the vampire he is destined to be. And for that to become his reality, he has to suck the blood from the person that he cares and loves the most. Problem is, he is against drinking human blood since he was very young.

The idea of it just terrifies him. Blood packs were his only option but not forever. And a price will be payed if he doesn't fulfill his body's needs. But he just can't risk to harm anyone either. Sooner or later, Chanyeol is gonna find out. By then, it will be his choice. How hard is it telling your best friend that you're actually a pale yet dangerous creature living as a human for your whole life? Very. And one bite is all it takes.


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KolbieClaphan KolbieClaphan Oct 11, 2016
Detergent!?! That's a first!!! 😂 Good job Chanyeol 👍🏻
It is. But glucose is the simplest molecule so you can't break it down anymore. Sugar contains glucose but glucose can be formed into other disaccharide molecules.
*drags Baek back into the bathroom with Chan,walks out,locks bathroom door from outside with Chan and Baek stuck in there*you two better make up or I'm getting a hammer to knock some sense into ya
peachthighs peachthighs Feb 03
Why? 😂😂 I mean I'm afarid of cows but detergent...just why Chanyeol?
IGotYesJams IGotYesJams Jan 26, 2016
Bitch please, I'm older than you (the 11 year old version) and I can't even go to a grocery store at night time
victony324 victony324 Dec 20, 2015
Is "2352" the time? Like at 11:52 pm? Cuz i thought it was the year at first 😂😅😅