Stay With Me | ChanBaek [Completed] (boyxboy)

Stay With Me | ChanBaek [Completed] (boyxboy)

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Terese Løvlien • 테스 By N_Monster Completed

Byun Baekhyun was a school nerd. He's 20 years old; he's attending to a good school because of his good grades and good behaviour. He'd always kept his parents and family, and even their neighbours, proud of him. He's quite popular because of his gentleman-like personality; nice to everyone, and was the school's cutie. 
Park Chanyeol was a grown man. He's 26 years old and was a businessman. He's working in his father's company, and he hated it. He was a bit narrow-minded, not particular nice, cold-hearted, busy man. 
How could these two cross paths? How would they know each other? It all happened when they accidentally swapped their identical phones...

Thank you for clicking on my story, and I hope you'll also click on the next button .xx 
**This story takes place in South Korea, but since I don't know Korean, I'll write in English. Also, when I'm writing a full name, the character's surname is always placed first; example: Park Chanyeol, where Park is the surname & Chanyeol is his given birth name**

(This story is about a BoyxBoy couple, also known as Yaoi. If you're not comfortable with that, then please do leave. Also, this story will switch between Baekhyun and Chanyeol's points of view's. 
Also, I do not own Exo, or Baekhyun, Chanyeol or the other members. I only own the story line, their different characters from real life, etc. This story is based on my own idea, and everything is written by me.)

WoAiNini WoAiNini Nov 10
I'm always doing school stuff last minute. Then I'm getting stressed and tell myself to never let it happen again. And that's how I end up every time lol
That's exactly wht I think when I'm at school, and then I get home an decide to read a TINY BIT of ChanBaek FF's then do my homework, I end up reading it until I have to go to sleep and do my homework on the morning it's due in, in wonderful life(!)
Erikaaax Erikaaax Sep 14
I can't forget the days of learning how to use an iPhone! Those were the true struggle days😂😂
My parents wouldn't even send me a letter
                              They would just text me.....
Diva_Bacon Diva_Bacon Jul 25
                              Example: I'm supposed to be reading a book for a school project {Even tho we're in summer they already gave me hw-_-} Yet I'm not doing it😂😇😋☺️
Diva_Bacon Diva_Bacon Jul 25 if I'd go to that school...ALWAYS DISAPPOINTED PROFESSOR THEN!!~