His Wife || Jimin & Rosé by infinitydreams24
His Wife || Jimin & Roséby ChxmzieBxby
BTS Jimin and Blackpink Rosé (Chaeyoung) FanFiction. -�-�-�-�- His Wife Park Chaeyoung (Rosé) is a beautiful, kind-hearted lady. She is the daughter of one of the most r...
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☾exo⚭reactions☽ | |⚠︎on hold⚠︎ by eatmyasshobi
☾exo⚭reactions☽ | |⚠︎on hold⚠︎by bias wrecking queen
☺︎ iconic ranks #1 in chanyeol, xiumin, kyungsoo, & exo ☺︎ exHOE -Instagrams: eatmyasshobi & eatmyasswonho -Snapchat: eatmyasshobi -YouTube: wonhoe !
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Revenge [Blackpink X BTS] by darkjiminie23
Revenge [Blackpink X BTS]by 👑
" You've all brought too much pain to us in the past, remember? This is just our way of revenge. " -Lisa Manoban...
  • kimjisoo
  • parkchaeyoung
  • namjoon
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Opposites Attract  by kpoprecycler
Opposites Attract by gnoix
Jaehyun and Chaeyoung are both seniors in high school and attends the number one best and richest high school in South Korea, Seoul City High School. Chaeyoung is one of...
  • jungjaehyun
  • jaerose
  • parkchaeyoung
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Webtoon by yoongi1122
Webtoonby 🐼 Yoon 🐼
"You were staring at it like you wanted to feel it, suck it and pump it. Sweetie, your brother will kill me of I let you," he stated before moving forward. My...
  • bts
  • blacktan
  • kimtaehyungpopular
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The Way She Loved Me [ Chaennie ] by jeanjendeuk
The Way She Loved Me [ Chaennie ]by jenius
Jennie describes herself as a self-reliant being, she does everything by herself and for herself. Ever since she gained conscious of the cruelty of the world, she knew s...
  • kimjennie
  • parkrose
  • kpop
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Accept Me •Chanbaek by xxuxuxaox
Accept Me •Chanbaekby Pepper
One mistake. A nine month consequence. *Mpreg* Updates: going for twice a week Hightest Ranking: #1 in EXO Fanfiction #1 in Kpop Idols #1 in Chanbaek Other Rankings: #61...
  • kpoprainbowawards2018
  • baekhyun
  • exofanfic
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Yo Yo Yo JenLisa by PersonallyATaco
Yo Yo Yo JenLisaby PersonallyATaco
Just a few one-shots about JenLisa flirting with each other kekekekeke
  • jenniekim
  • blackpink
  • hornygirls
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ADVENTURES OF BLACKPINK HOUSE | Jensoo & Chaelisa  by Adeptarmy11
The girls in Blackpink House. What happens when the cameras are off. Just for fun. No serious plot. [Jensoo & Chaelisa]
  • lisa
  • kimjisoo
  • yg
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In A Relationship With Chanyeol of Exo by thanks4dbrokenheart
In A Relationship With Chanyeol V.
Who wouldn't want to be in a relationship with this derp? Be with me through this journey and be a witness in our love story. © All Rights Reserved @thanks4dbrokenheart
  • yeol
  • fanfic
  • parkchanyeol
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အခ်စ္မ်ားနဲ႔ေဆာက္တဲ့အိမ္ by Byun_Sori614
အခ်စ္မ်ားနဲ႔ေဆာက္တဲ့အိမ္by 🌸Byun Sori🌸
A house with a full of love❤🏠
  • love
  • boyslove
  • baekyeol
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park chanyeol imagines #wattys2018 by cuddlypcy
park chanyeol imagines #wattys2018by pcy ❤
title says it all, fams :) !REQUESTS CLOSED!
  • exofanfic
  • exol
  • parkchanyeol
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House of Cards | Liskook by adorelisa
House of Cards | Liskookby Marta
What will happen to Blackpink and BTS when two of their members start dating? Will their maknaes also fall for each other? In an industry where idols are not allowed to...
  • yoonnie
  • fanfiction
  • jirose
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kitten // chanbaek by gtxuuu
kitten // chanbaekby •̀ㅅ•́ 🌻
in which Chanyeol meets a boy with fluffy ears
  • chanbaek
  • wattys2018
  • chanyeol
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 Twenty Four Dates | JENSOO | by Draco_Drake
Twenty Four Dates | JENSOO |by Draco Drake
This is the Sequel for Twenty Four Visit. The dating life of Dr Kim Jisoo and idol Jennie Kim in another 24 chapters..
  • jenniekim
  • kimjisoo
  • lisamanoban
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Mommy? / JENLISA FF  by MYCAtBRah
Mommy? / JENLISA FF by OofOofIsMyName😉
|This was originally supposed to be a one shot as a joke but now it's a story 😂| "Can I kiss you?" "W-What?" "I'll take that as a yes" 🛑...
  • kimjisoo
  • jennie
  • chaeyoung
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bts x blackpink | smuts  by CHANJM
bts x blackpink | smuts by 🖤
" close your eyes and I'll fuck you harder until i make you scream for me to stop. "
  • taejen
  • parkchaeyoung
  • bts
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Adopted Love (Chaeyoung x Reader) by MrBlackHair
Adopted Love (Chaeyoung x Reader)by Hopie
Your family adopted Chaeyoung when you were young. She has never been anything but a bully to you. What will happen when a certain unnatural feeling begins to arise betw...
  • army
  • love
  • bully
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Seek With Me? | Chanbaek by BunnyBaekkiee
Seek With Me? | Chanbaekby BunnyBaekkiee
• COMPLETED • Book two of the "With Me" trilogy. ...
  • boyxboy
  • love
  • exo
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Thirst For Your Love ▶Jimin X Rosé FF◀ RANKED #1 IN JIROSE by ilikesteakeu
Thirst For Your Love ▶Jimin X Rosé Seuri♥
(Highest ranking: #1 in Jirose) #1 in BtsxBlackpink #28 in Blackpink His gentle caress at my neck melted my heart to pieces. His body against me, his eyes hinting a stro...
  • wattys2017
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