School for the Ugly Prince and Princesses (Under Major Editing)

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Chastity :) By DelyrianPrincess Completed
Pretty outfits and looks can't hide someone's loops. This is a quote Elizabeth Mason is very much familiar with. Liza wanted nothing more but to live her life normally, well as normal as it can get for a Maestran kid anyway, aka "School for the Troublemakers". But one single dare will change her life forever when Jake Stoll, one of her best friends dares her to go to Charmond's Academy aka "The School for the Ugly Prince and Princesses."
    She will learn how to walk, talk and act like a princess in order to survive this dare. But as she goes further in further into this dare the more she realizes  that this  is way more complicated as she thought it was.
    Will she accomplish her dare?
    What if what she finds out isn't exactly what she's looking for?
    Experience the excitement and fun as Liza uncover the secrets, lies and adventures ahead of her and her gang. Because this is not your regular dare game. 
    And who knows? She might even find Prince Charming in all this mess.
It should be "my" , Ellie and my protector
                                    Sorry it was bothering me
This is pretty awesome im actuall getting into it when i say im getting into i mean im gonna be awake all night reading yh
.. of course twice in the same sentence, 
                                    Walls filled with posters ' of ' our favorite bands ..
this was really good and I love what you came up with for the school and what they call it that is funny :)
I absolutely loved this story! I finished it in 2 days because I wad so hooked!
Thanks for the dedication love ;) Lol, sorry, I've always wanted to say that. :P