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The Bad Boy and The Tomboy [PUBLISHED]

The Bad Boy and The Tomboy [PUBLISHED]

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nic(ole)™ By nikki20038 Completed

[Watty 2015 Winner]

Macy Anderson is a seventeen year old teenager that plays soccer, hangs with the guys, can't stand girls-except her best friend Jasmine and doesn't know who Sam Cahill is. But when they unexpectedly meet it goes downhill and uphill from there. 

Sam Cahill is the guy that skips classes- has a British accent but can play a mean game of soccer? Not to mention his cocky attitude and magnetic charm towards all the girls but Macy doesn't seem to fall for that. He shows his moves and Macy sees a different guy under the leather exterior. With the occasional soccer, the guys, love and heart: 

Hazel is what he calls her.
 Jerk is what she calls him.

"I'm not exactly a bad boy. Sure I've been arrested a couple of times but I'm not a bad boy. Hell, I'm not even a player, love. I'm just Sam, Sam Cahill."

All Rights Reserved- ©nikki20038 No honestly, you copy this book, I will hunt you down and-kidding but you'll be in some serious shit :)

#1 Teen Fiction

Cover: @xThePineappleGirlx


These characters are fictional-my beliefs and there's may not be the same so do not associate every single detail of a character with me. K? Thanks.

AyeitsRachel AyeitsRachel 4 hours ago
So i'm a mango (I hate mangos only when I am not on my period)
to people who don't know who he is he plays peeta from the hunger games
Remisse Remisse 8 hours ago
just came to cry about the fact that there's another bad boy book okay i'm leaving now
JaelynnDaniels JaelynnDaniels 8 hours ago
Ftrs you guys would enjoy the book more if y'all 
                              Turn off the comments I legit had the whole book ruin for me the first time reading this
DeepInYourLady DeepInYourLady 9 hours ago
Omg ikr like literally all the girls in my school live for drama
DeepInYourLady DeepInYourLady 9 hours ago
I hate being pale cause the moment i blush it instantly shows