football preferences 2 by -bellerin
football preferences 2by mariana
Preferences with more of your favourite players - Fernando Torres - Robert Lewandowski - Óliver Torres ...
  • robertlewandowski
  • morata
  • realmadrid
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Instagram || Pulisic by Dancer9816
Instagram || Pulisicby Hannah Pulisic
The story of Hannah Bedal and Christian Pulisic via Instagram. Highest rankings: #1 in USMNT #1 in Pulisic #2 in Christian Pulisic #2 in BVBFanFic #5 in Footballer #6...
  • footballerfanfiction
  • christianpulisic
  • usmnt
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Das wahre Leben einer Spielerfrau by Dia2901
Das wahre Leben einer Spielerfrauby Dia2901
Ich, Claudia, 29 Jahre und Spielerfrau...Nein nicht wirklich. Ich hasse den Namen Spielerfrau ! Und ich bin auch keine ! Unsere Geschichte fing vor einem Jahr an ... Gan...
  • bvb09
  • romanbürki
  • ff
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football confessions by edensfcb
football confessionsby -
confessions about your favourite footballers! MESSAGE ME YOUR CONFESSION / OPINION
  • marcbartra
  • juventus
  • manchester
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settle down [reus] by marcinhoe
settle down [reus]by aria reus ☀
"sometimes you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time." © marcinhoe completed 2/10/15
  • borussiadortmund
  • germany
  • marco
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Football Player imagines by krooscontrol
Football Player imaginesby Jesus/Issy
I'll pretty much do anyone tbfh. I take requests! Lowercase intended In certain places
  • borussiadortmund
  • cristianoronaldo
  • lionelmessi
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football one shots by sablinova
football one shotsby probably sleeping
A collection of short stories about football players. Requests are open.
  • lukamodric
  • antoinegriezmann
  • aaronramsey
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[on-going] ❝what do you mean that we are out of gas?❞
  • marcelo
  • footballers
  • mancity
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the affair | reus  by krooscontrol
the affair | reus by Jesus/Issy
Set in Canterbury
  • bundesliga
  • world
  • romance
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Football Imagines! by amyjodurm-x
Football Imagines!by -amy
Hello! My name is Amy, welcome to my first book or story. I'm not going to be the best writer but I'm going to try. So I hope you enjoy, and I will list some of the play...
  • germany
  • brazil
  • liverpool
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uh oh || c. pulisic by azpibalagas
uh oh || c. pulisicby Danielle
the kick the goal the celebration christian pulisic x oc real life / social media 2018
  • originalcharacter
  • dortmund
  • bvb09
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One way - Roman Bürki  by laariaraujo
One way - Roman Bürki by Larissa Araújo
Um voo... Um convite ... Um sonho... Um lugar... Limite nunca existiu para Sophia, principalmente quando se trata de realizar um sonho. Apaixonada por futebol e pel...
  • amor
  • love
  • alemanha
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« Repaint «  Pulisic  by Dancer9816
« Repaint « Pulisic by Hannah Pulisic
In which a footballer wishes he could go back. Based off of the song, 'Repaint' by Tyler Dial.
  • repaint
  • football
  • tylerdial
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So it Goes : Erik Durm 🗸 by lexlexhex
So it Goes : Erik Durm 🗸by lex-eye ツ
She should have stayed in good ol' Toronto, but no, Stefanie Bauer thought that it would be best for her and her future career to move to Dortmund. What did she want to...
  • erik
  • soccer
  • photography
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Liebe auf den dritten Blick ?! by Dia2901
Liebe auf den dritten Blick ?!by Dia2901
Hey mein Name ist Emilia und ich bin Fitnesstrainerin beim BVB. Mein großer Traum ging vor drei Jahren in Erfüllung und ich wurde bei dem tollsten Verein der Welt angest...
  • borussiadortmund
  • bvb
  • lovestory
Mister Shyguy- nichts ist wie es scheint. by _schlaflos_x
Mister Shyguy- nichts ist wie es _schlaflos_x
Er hat alles: Erfolg, Geld, teure Autos. Doch für ihn ist dies nicht von Bedeutung. 20-Millionen-Mann Maximilian Philipp- der aufgehende Stern am Dortmunder Fußballhimme...
  • bvb
  • marcoreus
  • bvb09
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101 things to be happy about | football by vaimes
101 things to be happy about | Marie
I love to make people laugh & love those who can make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably one of...
  • juventus
  • football
  • manuelneuer
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Love at first sight? •Marco Reus• by Juliee_fcbvb
Love at first sight? •Marco Reus•by Julie
I can't love him, can I?
  • marcoreus
  • marcoreusfanfic
  • borussiadortmund
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Close; Reus  by matsvhummels
Close; Reus by ki
"I just want to get close to you."
  • dortmund
  • reus
  • bvb09
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dortmund | marco reus by voidneymar
dortmund | marco reusby Jess
They started off hating each other, but fell in love once beginning to spend more time together. OR In which Marco falls in love with his coach's daughter.
  • football
  • marcoreus
  • auba
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