Hey wattpad,
It's been a while since I last updated my profile but basically this is who I am.
My real name's a classified info. but if you like you can call me "Chastity".
I live in a small country in Asia called the Philippines where it's sunny all day and people are even nicer than Canadians. (Peace out people in the "Great White North")
Music is my second language and I can never, ever live without it.
I love the color of the sun and the sky though I must admit I'm starting to really, really love blue. (Sorry yellow)
I adore the TV series How I Met Your Mother and I am also a huge fan of Rick Riordan books.

My writing schedule is very inconsistent and I am also suffering from my longest writer's block. But now I'm like the prodigal son that has returned to his true home. I'm back and hopefully for good.
That's it for now. Thanks for giving me some of your time in reading this. <3

Lots of candy, spice and everything nice,
Delyrian Princess
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Hello there ms author! I really admire your story school for ugly prince and princess. It's kind of an adventure for me and a great challenge. Just like the other authors I encountered, Im freaking proud of you and honestly? I.AM.A.FILIPINA. haha :-)