Emison: I can't fight my feelings

Emison: I can't fight my feelings

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Color Outside the Lines By camren_againstreason Completed

A-Free story about Alison Dilaurentis and Emily Fields falling in love. This story takes you on their journey full of Emison Fluff and Emison Fights.

The story gets so much better the farther you get into it. The beginning was not my best writing.


Emison is Endgame

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janedoe1926 janedoe1926 May 06, 2017
My favorite part is when Em wanted to commit suicide but because of Ali she didn't 😍 
                              P.S: thank you for writing such an amazing story
squishyfishy7 squishyfishy7 Jul 14, 2017
Well I mean, Ali, maybe if you didn't tell her repeatedly that the kisses were "just for practice" then Emily would trust you and believe it... idk tho🤷🏻‍♀️
yanna827 yanna827 Dec 19, 2015
she know she wanted emily all along she knew it felt damn good to her