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What is... "Home?" (Hetalia Fanfic, W.A. '13 Finalist)

What is... "Home?" (Hetalia Fanfic, W.A. '13 Finalist)

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The Prettiest Girl At The Blood Moon Ball By BookBird1497 Completed

Hi, I'm Melina Andrews. Or at least, that's who I thought I was until recent events. I was living with my "dad" until I ran away because he was an abusive drunkard and a bastard, but I'd never gotten the courage to actually leave until I was around 15, almost 16. But after disguising myself as a boy so it would be harder to be recognized by my dad, I enrolled in a private school called Gakuen for a few different reasons. It seemed like the right idea at the time, and while I love it there, I'm taking a lot of risks. I swear, if my new friend Matthew wasn't helping me, I'd have been kicked out a LOOOONG time ago. Things in me have been changing recently (no, I don't mean puberty) and I'm not sure why. And what's this possibility of my being a... country?

Cover is by Mew_Mew_Keki, the winner of the 2015 fan art contest! Congratulations, and thank you SO MUCH for drawing such a wonderful cover for me! All my WUVS to you!

Wait I just realized something! Hiw will she pretend to be a bog when she's on her period?
                              DON'T BLOW UP STUFF- 
                              (ref if anyobe gets c:)
Everyone else: I ship it
                              Me: Wow I'm finding a lack of PruCan shippers getting triggered.
                               I don't ship Canada with anyone. He's one of those characters I love but I just can't ship with anyone, like Seychelles.
*Monotone voice*
                              Yippee. I cannot wait for these two to make out.
_Yandere__Queen_ _Yandere__Queen_ Jul 06, 2016
Kiss kiss fall in love!
                              I see you come, I watch you go.
                              You never seem to leave me, no!
                              So is this love, or hate?
                              We'll see, you're making me crazy!
MistBorn-SprenDeath MistBorn-SprenDeath Jul 20, 2016
The fangirling train has left the station! NEXT STOP CHAPTER 3!!!!