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Safeway Pyongyang // Reader x Countryhumans by Miki0T
Safeway Pyongyang // Reader x FriendlyVigilante
North Korea x reader except I'm trapped in my house so it's going to be a wild ride. Y/N has finally made it to the one place that she might be safe- Pyongyang. But now...
Male Countryballs/Countryhumans X GenderNeutral Reader by Norw3gian_Viking
Male Countryballs/Countryhumans 💅✨MYLIFEISPAIN ! ✨💅
You wouldn't exactly, call yourself too lonely but kinda yes. something had always been missing. You never got a pet, because you didn't feel responsible enough and you...
Met In The Snow-Countryhumans  by Jazz1306
Met In The Snow-Countryhumans by Jazz1306
Everything seems to be falling apart for Uk. He had a divorce. He was said to be 'untrustworthy' and everyone seems to dislike him. After having enough of all of this h...
Pangea Academy's Number One! by VenusBuggie
Pangea Academy's Number One!by venusbuggie is back baby!
[RUSAME/COMPLETE] (plz dm me if u know the artist so i can give credit) What happens when a dangerously charming and bitterly sweet boy is pushed to the limits? Hell. A...
Bleeding Out by ditat_deus
Bleeding Outby Ditat_Deus_
The Confederate Battle Flag is alive- But it isn't what you might think. Dixie (as he goes by nowadays) has been stuck inside America's head all these years. First a v...
Am I Worth It (North Korea) by whitewolf_warrior
Am I Worth It (North Korea)by Snowy
The art is mine Don't read it's very bad....QwQ It's a North Korea's AU.... I own the art, not the characters Edit: NO ONE LISTENS!!! Q^Q
Avengers: Country Crisis by Shadowdragon183
Avengers: Country Crisisby Shadowdragon183
The countries were having a normal day of meetings and problems until they are sucked through a portal by supernatural means and require the help of their people to get...
Heavy is the Cost: Russia X Reader by stressedBees
Heavy is the Cost: Russia X Readerby Bea
do I have to write a summary? it's a Russia X Reader. read the book please?
A Stupid Highschool Crush by VenusBuggie
A Stupid Highschool Crushby venusbuggie is back baby!
(RUSAME/COMPLETED) Russia walked the empty halls of the early morning. Pondering what he just did. He took someone's life... But he didn't feel guilty, he felt... what's...
The predator's new territory. *RusAme* by Sikefrost
The predator's new territory. * Sike
This is a world of Predator and Prey. In this world each Predator and Prey have their own territory. But what happens if a smol prey gets lost and injured in a predator'...
RusAme - 10 things I hate about you by Ganonhweih
RusAme - 10 things I hate about youby Ganonhweih
Art Cover by: Imaweirddo What do you get when you have a bitchy American, a selfish Canadian, a rebellious Russian, an adorable Ukrainian, a nerdy German, and a horrible...
Old Countryhumans X Reader by Scp-Whirl049
Old Countryhumans X Readerby Scp- Whirl049
Basically idk what I'm doing with my life anymore.
I Can Manage by ObnoxiousAmerican
I Can Manageby ObnoxiousAmerican
Everyone thinks America is an irresponsible player. Little do they know, he has the greatest responsibility of all.
Love Bites | Rusame Werewolf AU by AestheticSkies123
Love Bites | Rusame Werewolf AUby AestheticSkies
Every year wolves from all over the world come to attend the annual mating ceremony. It is the largest event to ever exist and is the most sacred to all werewolves. Wolv...
⭐ Outlaws ⭐ by The-Lone-Star
⭐ Outlaws ⭐by ✡️Jae✡️
The Mexican American states are a group of outlaw siblings that are wanted dead or alive, especially the oldest out of the group who is known to many as the Lone Star be...
Boys don't cry... by Toffiky
Boys don't Toffiky
Ukraine is in one sided love with a local bully, Canada, and every day he is beaten. How will all this turn out for a peace-loving boy who just wanted to love? A transla...
Love Worth Dying For (RusAme) by xxxbrandikaixxx
Love Worth Dying For (RusAme)by Brandikai English
Trigger warning: Abuse, self harm/suicide, trauma/violence, homophobia (For storytelling purposes, I fully support the LGBT community) America comes from a well off fami...
CountryHumans Rant by FreeLightBulbs
CountryHumans Rantby ILoveY’all
Here I will rant on and criticize the CountryHumans fandom. You can request any issue!
Drama! by Flamingo943
Drama!by ♥ 𝔽𝕝𝕒𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕠♥
The day all countries dread is here, the first day of High school. You know what this means. DRAMA! Will these countries be able to survive this dramafest? Or will they...