Once Upon A Time [2p!Canada x Reader x 1p!Canada]

Once Upon A Time [2p!Canada x Reader x 1p!Canada]

12.4K Reads 566 Votes 24 Part Story
†America_England_Lovers† By TheCrazyLittleGirl20 Completed

[Please read Book 1: Once Upon a Summer before reading this, so you would understand. Thank you.]

Last summer was quite a ride for you. You met Matt Williams, met his brothers and had a crazy summer adventure. You even managed to fall in love with Matt. It was a lot to handle but you kept strong.

Now that summer has ended, you decided that it was time to move on from last summer. It was time for a whole new adventure as Matt Williams' girlfriend.

However this adventure wasn't what you expected.  In fact, it was something you would never expect to happen. Who would've thought that you'd find a secret pentagram that would teleport you to a whole different dimension? 

Sounds crazy right? It almost sounds impossible for someone with a life like yours. Almost. Considering how crazy last summer was, something like this had the possibility to happen.

Now you've got to find a way back home. You have to get back to the world you've lived in for all of ypur life. You need to get back to the love of your life.

Or maybe you don't have to. Maybe you can stay. Maybe certain Matthew Williams will convince you to stay.

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kkismysis kkismysis Jul 28, 2017
I wish I could say that I would never do that but.. Me being me... If I saw that I would probably do the same 😂
queen_kitten12 queen_kitten12 Jul 30, 2017
It's raining pancakes... Outta the sky... Pancakes... No need to ask why...
Neko066 Neko066 Jul 28, 2016
Love the first book and I know the struggle of school work and project cuz I go to a magnet school and they give you twice as much work than a regular high school *feels dead inside* all well.... *goes to emo corner* damn my life.......
                              Hope the second book is great like the first one
caden_your_senpai caden_your_senpai Sep 01, 2016
Pentacle is part of my religion I am a witch/Wicca WE HARM NONE
                              Omfg people get it right! 
                              ( sorry had to put that out there )
ItsMeGuys231 ItsMeGuys231 Jul 26, 2016
I loved the video in the first one, I could barley breathe NICE!