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.:Cheater!Romano x Reader:. by Yabi-Lin
.:Cheater!Romano x Reader:.by under construction
Lovino cheated on you again with your best friend Emma. Who you thought was by far prettier than you. What will you do? Will you leave Lovino be? Or will you stay with h...
  • aph
  • readerinsert
  • completed
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Instincts | Hybrid! Hetalia x Reader by KrystalSunset118
Instincts | Hybrid! Hetalia x Read...by Krystal
In a world where hybrids exist, and are treated like animals despite their human characteristics, a young female by the name of (Y/N) bids her good friend goodbye and wa...
  • alfredfjones
  • lovinovargas
  • ludwigbeilschmidt
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World Academy Experience (Hetalia x Reader) by OsaLotte
World Academy Experience (Hetalia...by Osa Lotte
"This school takes a select few students from many different countries of our world. They pick out which ones might be suitable. Ones that can make friends, that ca...
  • liechtenstein
  • gakuen
  • reader
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Raising the states: Hetalia by ashleylarson1
Raising the states: Hetaliaby LiterallyStormcloak
When England, Prussia, Austria, and Spain start complaining about raising children, America decides it's about time to introduce them to the states.
  • states
  • america
  • fathers
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The day you came. by that_one_otaku717
The day you came.by Lil_ SINnnamon_Roll
Ivan braginsky was feared throughout the school. Everyone thought he was creepy and scary. Ivan began to believe everything they said we're true which put a toll on his...
  • aphprussia
  • aph
  • aphjapan
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Hetalia Reader Inserts 2 by KrystalWulf
Hetalia Reader Inserts 2by Wolfie
Top 10 highest rankings: #1 in APHSwitzerland, APHRomano and APHAustria #2 in APHCanada and APH Spain #5 in APHGermany #6 in APHItaly, APHPrussia and APHRussia #10 in AP...
  • hetalia
  • aphprussia
  • aphitaly
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✌♯☇ 𝙰𝙽𝙰𝚁𝙲𝙷𝚈 𝙸𝙽 𝚃𝙷𝙴 𝚄𝙺 »( ᴘᴜɴᴋ! ᴀ.ᴋ. ) by PUNKBRITON
  • aph
  • muse
  • hetalia
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Canon Hetalia Facts by Cazypup
Canon Hetalia Factsby h i a t u s
So I was looking at some and I kinda just wanted to make these more known. I did way more research than I should have You can request facts just PM me Now let me bring...
  • aph
  • hetalia
Speechless [RusAme Oneshots] by RiskyChoice
Speechless [RusAme Oneshots]by FJ
A random oneshot of RusAme, for some reason I just felt like I have to write this down Changing this to a collection of RusAme oneshots. Plot, Storyline, etc will be a b...
  • aphrussia
  • fluff
  • aph
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Feelings [USUK Hetalia Cardverse] by RandomPerson251
Feelings [USUK Hetalia Cardverse]by Preußen
Feeling feel•ing | 'fē-liNG An emotional state or reaction Synonym: Emotion Alfred F. Jones, the crowned King of Spades. Arthur Kirkland, an escapee from death itself. ...
  • anime
  • manga
  • cardverse
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The Worlds' Secrets by PeridotKirkland
The Worlds' Secretsby PinkLasagna
Will the nations fight over the secrets revealed or will this unite them? Read to find out. I do not own Hetalia, please support the official release
  • hetalia
  • aphfrance
  • 2phetalia
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Hetalia: The Fifty Stars by LunarJade
Hetalia: The Fifty Starsby Jade
Massachusetts rebels against British tyranny. Mississippi goes hunting with the president. Michigan refuses to leave Toledo. Minnesota celebrates Christmas with friends...
  • hetaliathefiftystars
  • fiftystates
  • statalia
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The broken hero ( Hetalia / Aph ) by Aph-Idiot
The broken hero ( Hetalia / Aph )by Aph Idiot
Alfred has always been the one to put a smile on everyones face, but no one was there for him....
  • anime
  • hetaliaworldseries
  • ヘタリア
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Savior ||Hetalia x abused! Reader [FINISHED] by Vraena
Savior ||Hetalia x abused! Reader...by яυѕѕια
"Help me..." I said but no words came out- it was voiced in my head. My body hurts, littered with scars.
  • manga
  • italy
  • germany
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Winter Flower || Russia x Reader by suzuya
Winter Flower || Russia x Readerby suzuya juuzou
-DISCONTINUED- Your grandmother told you many stories of the nations. Your favorites were the ones including the snow country, Russia. *I do NOT own Hetalia or its chara...
  • braginski
  • reader
  • g8
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Product of The World (APH) by AllanLumies
Product of The World (APH)by Allan Lumies
Sparkling eyes. Beautiful smiles. Innocent laughter. A bright personality. ... Empty eyes. Forced smiles. Choked laughter. A dead and broken heart. .... "We're he...
  • dename
  • depression
  • aphdepressedamerica
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The Diary of a depressed nation by Spiritmoon23
The Diary of a depressed nationby Merik
This is the Diary of a nation known an the United States Of America. Here you will see a side of him that the others don't. [recent cover change update]
  • dark
  • america
  • aphamerica
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Who's Diary? by SaveNikita
Who's Diary?by Nikata
A nation has a diary. Another nation has a diary to. A nation is suffering. That other nation is suffering to. Both nations are done with life. Both nations want to end...
  • depression
  • suicide
  • aphgermany
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delicate by Kemetalia
delicateby pikachim
❝ i still wonder, what happened to the happiness i was promised? ❞ ︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶ [PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS 'AMORE'] [ hetalia x reader ] completion status : on-going dedicat...
  • aphengland
  • aphfrance
  • aphgermany
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Fuck You Seychelles by HeavenleighHouston1
Fuck You Seychellesby Heavenleigh Houston
America sees everyone crowding around Seychelles because she is now in a beauty contest and Prussia , America , Germany (by force) and Italy decide to join in.
  • aph
  • aphgermany
  • aphamerica
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