Dynasty ✢ Stilinski | 2

Dynasty ✢ Stilinski | 2

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❝We protect those who cannot protect themselves.❞ 

Stacey McCall has had a lot happened to her in the past year. Now, she deals with Alpha Packs, finding more about her abilities, and mending new and old friendships. The only thing keeping her sane was her boyfriend, Stiles Stilinski. And maybe her brother, Scott McCall. 

❝I'm supposed to call you before I find a dead body?❞

Human sacrifices are flying around in Beacon Hills, and the McCall pack try to save the town once again. After the whole human sacrifice... there is something more dangerous that Stacey, Scott, and Stiles have to face... here's a hint, it involves with an evil spirit. 

[ 3a & 3b ] - complete

Amazing cover done by; @its-Harper-Williams literally the best cover ever, thank you so much <3 (give her a follow!)