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Stiles had securely locked us in, and we look at each other, breathing heavily. Kali had gone, chasing after Derek and Ms. Blake to god knows where they were right now. "Okay, okay, okay, we're okay," Stiles muttered and we both sit on the sit that was opposite Cora. "Why does it look like Cora's not breathing?" Stiles quickly asked, looking at me then down at Cora.  

"Wait, what?" I panicked, looking over at the pale girl. I then lean over and placed her ear against her chest, there wasn't a heartbeat. "I..." I trailed off, my voice breaking.

"Are you sure?" Stiles asked. "Oh no, oh, God. Okay, you can do this. Just... tilt her head, fingers on the chin, clear the throat," Stiles instructed himself, doing as he told himself.

He then looked at me for permission.

"Just, kiss her!" I yell.

He nodded. "Great, nothing. I see nothing. Okay, all right, so, uh... just pinch the nose and blow." Stiles pinched the nose and then blows into her mouth. "Oh, come on, Cora." Stiles muttered as he continued blowing into her mouth for a while. "Come on, Cora. Come on, breath."


"Come on, Cora, breath!" Stiles pleaded as he continued placing his mouth on hers. Cora then gasps for air and breaths.

"Can I get my kiss now?" I pout my lips, and Stiles laughed, throwing his hands up in the air for celebration. He then turns to me, we were close, and he pressed his lips to mine. I pull away, and we sat down, watching the girl. She's our responsibility now.  

"You just hold on a little longer, okay?" Stiles asked the Hale kid as we both watch her. "Trust me, if anyone's gonna get us out of this, it's Scott. Okay?" Stiles promised them. "Can't believe I just said there." Stiles scoffed. "You know, I used to be the ones that came up with the plans. Well, at least a plan B." Stiles sighs. "Now I'm thinking maybe you were right. You know, maybe... maybe we are pretty much useless. Maybe all we really do is just show up and find bodies. I don't want to find my father's body,"

"You're gonna find your father's body, alive and healthy," I told my boyfriend as I hold his hand. "We're not useless... I mean, look how far we've come, Stiles. Look at us, our healthy and strong relationship. We're gonna make it through this." 

I hold my boyfriend's waist, and I lean in, and we connect our lips for a sweet and lingering kiss. 

I then hear the doors opening and pull away, there were a huge bang and growling. We both look out the doors, with wide eyes. We press their backs against the wall and saw the Alpha twins (one big giant alpha) walk out. 

I placed my finger against my lips, telling him to be quiet and he nodded, understanding. The noise was coming from behind us, and we both slowly lean against the wall, trying to make out what the twins were doing. We can hear the sound of footsteps, too.  

I got a shock when Scott and Peter showed up. "Stiles, Stiles, open the door!" Scott pleaded and Stiles quickly opened the door. "Help me get him in." Peter was then lifted into the ambulance, he didn't look so good.

"Where's Derek?" I asked.

"And Jennifer?" Stiles quickly added.

Peter climbs in and sits next to me. "I have to go back for them and my mum."

"Okay, two problems. Kali's got the keys to this thing, and I just saw the twins, like thirty seconds ago." Stiles explained the problems. They hear the sound of banging.

"Stay here." Scott told them.

"I'm coming." I reply, disobeying. "Don't give me that look, Scott. I'm going to save my mother." 


"Scott! Stacey! Stace!" I call out to my girlfriend and my best friend who enter the elevator, I ran down the empty hallway, everything was fallin' over, and the lights were flickering. But it was too late, so, I decided on plan B. Run up the stairs. 

"Scott, no, please." I hear my girlfriend's voice crack, as I enter the rooftop. Hearing her say that, made my own heart break a little. "Scott, I already lost Mum, I can't lose you. Not you." I quickly ran to my girlfriend's side, who was crying. 

"Scott," I called. "Scott, don't do this, don't go with him." I looked at Deucalion, who stands their tall. 

"I don't know what else to do." My best friend said, and I can hear Stacey's heart-shattering. 

"No, there's..." Stacey trailed off, stepping forward. "Scott, there's gotta be something else, okay? We always... we always have a plan B." Stacey lets out a sob, and Scott looked at his twin. 

"Not this time." Scott slowly shakes his head. 

"Scott." Stacey cries, and Scott continued to walk towards Deucalion. 

"I'm gonna find your dad," Scott told me. "I promise." I hear Stacey let out a sob as Scott walked over to Deucalion. 

I then pull her close to me, hugging her, as she cried into me. She had just lost her brother and her mother. I've lost my dad. Right now, we really needed each other. "Scott!" I tried one more time. 

"Please... don't go, please." Stacey cried, tears falling from her face. But Scott didn't look turn around, he continued to walk off with him. "Please, please, please don't go." 

I wrap my arms tightly around her. She continued to cry, I can't imagine how she must be feeling right now. She just lost her brother, her twin, her other half. And she lost her mother. I rock us back and forward gently, trying to stay strong for Stacey. 

I just couldn't believe Scott left us. 

WHOOP WHOOP STILES POV! Do you like that stuff? 

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