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I woke up with a jolt and groaned at how loud the music in my ears was. I unplug my ears quickly, panting. I saw mum standing there with a worried experience. Above me, the lights were flickering. 

"Stacey, honey, can you hear me?" Mum worries, brushing hair out of my face. I sit up slightly and nodded. 

"What happened while I was out?" I asked quickly. "Is Stiles okay? What were the test results?" 

"He has atrophy," Mum softly said. 

"W-what?" I sputter out. 

"I'll explain it later, but right now, you should go, sweetie, for your safety," Mum quickly said. 

"My safety? What's going on?" I ask, standing up. 

"Just go, Stacey, and be careful," Mum told me quickly, I nodded. I turn on my heel and I jog down the hallway. 

I sprint down the hallway and stopped at the elevator. Oh, come on. Taking its time, it came, and I jumped in and pressed the level ground. 

Tapping my foot as the classical music came on in the elevator, it dings open before I rush out. I gasped when I saw an electrical power cord whipped out an ambulance, and in the middle of this crime scene was Kira. 

"Kira!" I scream. I didn't care how many people were watching. There was water soon flooding the carpark and electrical cords. My heart pounded. 

I had exited the builidng and stood on the steps. Some people stopped their cars, and I nervously looked at the ambulance that had crashed and the water was starting to surround the ambulance, there was some in there, with water surround by them and an alive cord. 

I notice Allison and Isaac jumping out of a car. I gasp when I saw the ambulance driver drop to the ground as he had come out, he had got electrocuted. 

"Get back! Everybody, get back!" Kira yelled, trying to get everyone out of the way. I ran down towards Kira, dodging the puddles of water.  

"Allison!" Isaac yelled, and pushed her back onto the grass forcefully. She was about to pull a stupid move, by going to help the man. 

"Isaac!" Allison cried out, as Isaac steps into the water and was shocked. He's a werewolf, but I was still worried for him. I stand by Kira and we glanced at each other worriedly. 

Isaac had collapsed to the ground as well. Kira gasps, and hesitantly stepped forward. I watched the water run down. 

I heard a car door opened and looked over, seeing Lydia fall down on the ground. "Oh, my god, Lydia!" I yell a car had driven in through the puddle, and Kira pushed me back and jumped on top of the car that was moving, she jumps off, doing a forward flip and landed on the ground. 

Though, she had landed in the water. Yet, she's not electrocuted. Instead, the power cord literally comes to her. Scott and Derek soon arrived at the scene. The power cord was hover over her, sparks coming out of it. Kira then grabs ahold of the power cord, she's not even hurt. 

Kira then placed a hand on the live wire, it crackles in her hands. She stopped it. She stopped the electricity. Kira looked back at me, and my eyes widen when I saw her eyes glowing a deep orange back at me. 

People soon started to run out in the carpark, screaming. Kira dropped the cord that was once alive, now dead. Derek had sprinted over to Isaac, and I had sprinted over to Lydia. 

"I don't want to hurt you." Stiles' voice was low, as we sit outside the hospital room

"You're not going to-" 

"Which is why I think it's best that we break up," Stiles had quickly gotten to the point. My heart dropped

"W-what do you mean?" 

"It's not healthy," Stiles mumbled. "What if I do something really bad. Like, send someone to kill you next time?" Nothing could stop the tears coming down now

"Stiles, that's rid-" 

"No, it's not!" Stiles bombed making me jump. "It's just for now, just, please, don't let me be the one that hurt's you." 

"You've already hurt me, Stiles," I whisper, my voice cracking. "By doing this!" 

"Understand that I'm doing this for your safety, alright?" Stiles pratically yelled. "Everything I'm doing is for your safety, so please, let me break up with you." 

"Okay, fine." I pressed my lips together, tears streaming down my face. "So... does this mean now we're single?" 

Stiles nodded. "Yeah." 

I stand up, and I looked at Stiles. He looked just as hurt as I do. I turn around, and I walk towards the elevator, I wait there awkwardly, keeping my head down. My hearts been shattered before, but not quite the same as this one

I walk down the stairs the next morning. I was greeted by mum, who looked out at the window. I walked towards her.  Unfortnly, I was going to school. 

"Any news?" I ask softly. 

"They're still looking for him." Mum nodded. Stiles was missing, as soon as he had broken up with me, he was missing. "It's past the 48-hour mark, but I guess if anyone is going to be missing for two days and turns up fine, it's Stiles." 

That's when I broke down in front of mum, more tears streaming down my face. Mum looked worriedly at me. "I don't know where it went wrong. Mum," I cried, and she slowly stood up, and walked towards me. "He says he's doing this for my safety, I don't think so," 

"Oh, hun," Mum cooed and brought me into a warm hug. "Your gonna break boy's heart here and there, you'll find the right one-" 

"Stiles is the one," I hiccuped. "He's always been the one. I just don't understand. Why does Stiles have to be the dark spirit?" 

"I don't know, sweetie, but this will all happen for a reason." Mum rocked me back and forward. "Everything happens for a reason." 

"I love him too much to let him go," I whisper. 

"Are you sure you want to go to school today?" Mum asked me softly. I sniffed, and wiped a tear, nodding. 

"Yeah, maybe it'll keep me busy," my voice cracks. "I haven't been to school the past few days, so..." 

"Okay, sweetie," Mum kissed the top of my forehead. "When you get home, there'll be junk food waiting for you. You, Kira, Allison, and Lydia can have a girl's night or something. Or, you and me, whatever you want." 

I chuckled and hiccuped. "I love you, mum," 

"I love you, too, sweetie,"

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