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"Let go." Lydia stern voice buzzes over the loud ringing of the fire bell as Stiles and I enter an office.

My eyes harden as I see Cora gripping tightly onto Lydia's wrist. "She said let go." My voice hardens, and Cora whips her head over to me. I fall back slightly onto Stiles. "She said let go. I said, let go."

Soon Stiles puts down some spirit bored on the table where Lydia and I sat in the science room since Lydia is like some supernatural detector and I'm linked to her, I guess that makes me one, too.

"An Ouija Board?" Lydia asked, her hands folded and looked down at the board.

"Also called a spirit board. And it's worth a shot." Stiles added, and I rolled my eyes.

"A shot in the dark." Lydia commented as Stiles brings out the bits and piece for the board.

"You know, I've watched Youtubers do this." I comment, pursing my lips together. "Then, I read the comments saying it was fake and now, I don't know what to believe. But why would Youtubers put so much trouble-"

"Babe, we get it." Stiles sent me a smile, and my heart dropped when he called me babe. "But, would you two just try it, please? Okay, let's not forget who this is for. Scott's boss, the guy who has saved our collective asses on more than one occasion." Stile had set up the Ouija board.

"Okay, so do we all do this?" Cora goes straight to the point. I forgot that she was a Hale for a second.

Stiles looked over at me. I stare at the board. "Um... babe?" There it is again. This may sound really cheesy but it feels so right when it comes out of his mouth...

"Yo?" I look over and notice that Cora and Lydia were both staring at me as well. "What?"

"Do we?" Cora asked.

"Oh, yeah. Whoever wants to do it, actually but there have to be more than two people playing otherwise you could get haunted by Deaton's spirit or the demon, oh, there's-"

"All right we get it." Lydia cuts off my rant and I roll my eyes.

We all place our fingers on the little triangle thingy. "You guys ready?" Stiles' voice was low, I'm addicted to his voice I swear. Stiles is my drug.



"I think we should record it, then maybe post it on youtube and then we'll become-"

"Stacey, we get it!" Cora snapped, annoyed. All right, all right.

Stiles then stared down at the board. "Where's Dr. Deaton?" Stiles asked.

I notice Cora and Sties starring at us, Stiles was staring at me at least. "What?" I asked.

"Aren't you gonna answer it?" Stiles asked and I snort.

"Oh, we don't know the answer," I said. "I thought we were asking some kind of spirit. At least, that's what the rules said."

"Well, do you know any spirits?" Cora asked.

"Yes, we sing songs and paint fluffy little unicorns, oh, and get this, we're best friends and we grew up together, it was really magical," I respond sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

Cora groans. 

"Okay, these are Deaton's keys for the clinic." Stiles holds out a pair of keys in his hands. "Close your eyes, and I'm gonna put 'em in your hand, and we're gonna try and see if you can feel out for his location. It's called psychometry,"

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