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"Okay, this one will get you into all of the perimeter doors, this one the evidence room, and this one's for my father's office." Stiles hands out the cards, as they were outside the station. Stiles and I sat in Stiles' Jeep. 

Apparently, Kira needed to get her phone to get rid of some photos on her phone. 

"And I thought having a key to my house was creepy," I said allowed. 

"You didn't steal these, did you?" Scott asks. 

"No. I cloned them using the RFID emulator," Stiles said. 

"You scare me sometimes." I smiled at him. 

"Is that worse than stealing?" Scott asked. 

"It's smarter," Stiles commented making me giggle. 

"Scott, can I ask you something?" Kira pulls Scott over to the side. 

"How many things have you made with the RFID?" I ask. 

"Ah... I made a key for your house, the school, the station, and Derek's house, he doesn't need to know that." Stiles explained. 

"Oh, my god, you're such a creep," I mutter. 

"I'm your creep." 

"Stop being cheesy," I laugh. 

"Is it the right time to kiss now? You're adorable." Stiles mumbled. I lean closer to him, and I heard a cough. I turn my head and saw Kira and Scott were back at the window. 

"Guys, really?" Scott asked. 

"You and Allison were worse." I defended myself, Scott only rolled his eyes. 

"Okay." Stiles started. "So, now almost everybody's out dealing with the blackout. But there's always somebody at the front desk. There's a dispatch and usually a night shifter or two. You guys are gonna use the service door entrance by the dumpster. All right? Nobody uses it. Now, I'll text you if somebody comes out. But Scott, if you get caught, I can't help you. My dad's under investigations for an impeachment because of your dad, so, if anything happens Stacey and I will run and leave you both for dead." 

"Got it. Thanks. Seriously, dude." Scott said. 

"I'd ask my dad, you know..." 

"No, I know, I get it." Scott nodded his head. 

"All right, just, uh, hurry up." Stiles and I both lean back in our seats, keeping a watch out. 

"Wanna play 20 questions?" I ask, turning my head to him. 

"Why? I know everything about you. And I mean everything." Stiles said.

"When I was seven I had a favorite lip-gloss and I used it every single day, what flavor was it?" Stiles smirked over at me. 

"We're really doing this?" Stiles asked. "Strawberry, strawberry's your favorite." 

"I hate you that you remember that." I grumble. "What was the first thing I said to you when we met?" 

"Hi I'm Stacey, that's my twin brother over there, wanna be friends?" Stiles mocked a mini-me. I pressed my lips together. "I told you. I know everything." 

After a while of silence, he then started to fiddle with his keys, and I sighed and he held the key. That's when, in my view, a car comes and parks. 

My eyes widen, it was my dad's car. "Ah, hell." I mutter as I slide into my seat, hoping he won't notice us. Stiles quickly grabbed. Stiles then started typing to Scott. 

"Come on, Scott." Stiles muttered nervously, I watch my somewhat of a father enter the building. "Okay, I'm so gonna regret this." 


"Stay here." Stiles told me, and my eyes widen as he jumps out of his vehicle, and closed the door. 

"You idiot!" I hiss, even though he can't hear me, and I watch as he runs off into the building making me slide in my seat even further. Soon, I watch Stiles exit the building making me sigh and run a hand through my hair. "Oh, my god, you idiot!" I told him, jumping out of the vehicle as he leans on his Jeep. 

"I know, I know, I'm sorry," I sigh, and I wrap my arms around him. Then, Scott and Kira both came out of the building and ran over to us. 

"We did it. All the pics were deleted." Scott grinned. 

"That was awesome!" Kira squeaked, grinning too. "I mean, terrifying... completely terrifying... but kind of awesome. I've never done anything like that. Have you?" 

We gave each other looks. "Yeah, once or twice..." Stiles trailed off. I cross my arms, more than. 

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