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Halloween used to be my favorite time of the year. As kids, Stiles, Scott and I use to pick a theme for each year when we went out trick or treating. Stiles, being Stiles, always gave me his candy, even though I never asked. He just did. 

Now, it was that same time of year, Halloween. This year, I have this feeling that Halloween will be a lot different. It won't be how it use to be, I think it will be a lot scarier, now that the supernatural is actually real. Oh, what if witches were real? I'll be leaving as soon as possible Beacon Hills if there was. 

So, this kind of explains the situation Stiles and I are in right now. We were walking in the boy's locker room, Stiles with his torch as it the lights were out and it was late at night. Every year, Stiles, Scott, and I would do an epic prank on Coach. 

So, this year, Stiles and I decided to do it again. "Get your ass down here right now," Stiles hissed over the phone with Scott. "We have a job to do." 

"Dude, I'm already in bed. And aren't we getting a little too old to do this?" Scott asked over the phone. 

"We do this for Coach," I said. 

"I thought we did this to Coach." Scott chuckled, I rolled my eyes. 

"Come on, it's a tradition. We do this every year, he has no idea where the ones behind the genius pranks. Well, I come up with them and you two help me set it up. It's a win-win." I shrug, and Stiles glared at me. 

"That's totally not true," Stiles argued, and I lean on him, smiling. "Whatever, okay? We all know he needs this. He lives for this stuff, he loves it." 

"But it's the middle of the night." Scott groaned. "Stacey's with you, can't you guys do it?"
"Tradition, Scott, tradition." I reminded him. 

"12:15 actually," Stiles opened his locker in the boy's room. "Which means, it's after midnight and officially Mischief Night/Day," Stiles had brought out a tool, and turned it on. I grinned, this year's gonna be better than last years. "And, by perfectly awesome coincidence, it also happens to be Coach's birthday, so if you're not down here in five seconds, I will destroy you. Okay? And I mean five, four, three two..." We turned around, and I let out a squeal as my brother stands right there, glowing his red eyes, Stiles had fallen to the ground and my eyes widen as I hit my brother's shoulder. 

"One." Scott grins. 

"I hate you." Stiles said on the ground, I helped him back up, and he rolled his eyes in annoyance. 

I hope off the back of Scott's dirt bike the next morning, grinning. I flip out my hair, letting it fall against my shoulders as I ran a hair through. Scott had hoped for the bike, and so did I. My smile faded when I saw Ethan and Aiden on their motorbikes. 

I stand next to Scott. Ethan and Aiden walked over to us, and I cross my arms. "You're back in school?" My brother started the conversation. 

"No, just to talk." One of the twins spoke. I huff. 

"Oh, that's kind of a change of pace for you guys." My boyfriend had walked towards us, wrapping an arm around me, glaring. "Seeing as you usually, just hurting, maiming, and killing." 

"You need a pack. We need an Alpha." I glare at the twins. 

"Yeah, absolutely not. That's hilarious though." Stiles commented. 

"You came for help, we helped." Ethan said. 

"You bet his face into a bloody pulp." I spat. "That's not helping. In my opinion, that's actually counter-productive." 

"Why would I say yes?" Scott ignored my comment. 

"We'd add strength." They tried. "We'd make you more powerful. There's no reason to say no." 

"I can think of one." Lahey shows up beside Scott, and I grin. "Like the two of you holding Derek's claws while Kali impaled Boyd." 

"In fact, I don't know why we're impaling them right now." I commented

Ethan then looked at us, with his fangs out and his blue eyes. He then looked at me, I stepped back, or, Stiles and Scott both moved in front of me. "You want to try?" 

"Sorry, but they don't trust you." Scott said. "And neither do I." Ethan and Aiden move aside, as Stiles grabbed my hand and we all walk off. 

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