A Twist of Fate -Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)

A Twist of Fate -Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)

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Makenzie By derbearfeels Completed

Tessa McCall is bestfriends with brother Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski. One night, the three of them go looking for a body. Well, their lives change from there. 

Tessa is now faced with heightened senses, werewolf hunters, and sudden feelings for a certain blue-eyed werewolf that are quickly growing.

The question is: Will she survive?

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July19th July19th Mar 12
SAME but people think I’m British when I say something with the letter r in it
I love this scene, he's so cute when he's confused 😄😍💙
-archangel -archangel 3 days ago
Idk how many times I’ve read this and that never fails to make me laugh! 
blondy299 blondy299 Feb 22
Being someone who couldn’t pronounce her R’s, and had to go to speech therapy for a really long time. Most times it just goes away or at school they help you.
Wait wait wait wait wait, she got bored and decided to go for a RUN! As in physical activity? I don’t understand
Saskia_hale Saskia_hale Feb 18
Don't you love how stiles automatically knows when the next full moon is, I mean who actually knows that crap