Toilets & A Fake Girlfriend (girlxgirl)

Toilets & A Fake Girlfriend (girlxgirl)

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pesky pixie pester no me By muff_muncher Completed

Dani, a loser in high school, was put in detention for punching one of her bullies. During detention, she then met a cute girl named Rachel. Dani, a hopeless romantic girl really liked her. 

But does Rachel like her too?
No? Yes? Probably?

Dani teamed up with Melissa, a really rude cheerleader, to make Rachel realize that she likes Dani. But will they really make Rachel realize things or something else will happen?

Ugh! i suck at this. Give it a try?

  • bully
  • faking
  • girl
  • girlxgirl
  • high-school
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
  • loser
Wattmem Wattmem Jun 15
I bet you wouldn't get in trouble if you said all those words in Spanish (:
Joonlyn Joonlyn May 08
So she has to clean the bathrooms and this guy burned her and he ain't going to juvy what the hell! I would call my mama and tell her to press charges. Nope
aelin106 aelin106 May 12
so he is a hindu so he must have at least 50 statues to appease his freakish gods
Wattmem Wattmem Jun 15
I love to cuss. It's just natural for me. I speak four languages Tagalog, English, Cuss Words, and Sarcasm. FÙCK YEAH
urietarded- urietarded- Aug 08
The first time i ever got a detention was just bc i was toooooo loud 😂 that was in 8th grade now im at 10th ahh good times 😂
Wattmem Wattmem Jun 15
Rereading again because I remember having fun while reading this book a few months ago xD