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The lesbian and the homophobe

The lesbian and the homophobe

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I love reading By tatemywalker Completed

Bella Gavin was a queen b as in bitch in her school. Everybody adored her, only because they were scared what the ice queen can do. Bella had everything, looks, popularity, money, intelligence, and the hottest guys as her boyfriend.  
One thing Bella can't stand is Marcy and her kind. 

Marcie  Langton was a out of the closet lesbian and proud. Her parents were rich and very supportive, all her friends were out and proud and a lot of people respected and liked her. Of course there's is the homophobes but Marcy is chill and living life to the fullest. She's the sarcastic fun girl that everyone wants to hang around with. 

What will happen when Marcy and Bella be paired up in a class project?

I read the first four lines. Realised that there are no paragraphs.  straight up skipped to the last line
so I guess I'm a twin and have blonde hair, blue eyes, and I'm pretty.
Thats even more of a sin than being gay would be if being gay WAS A FREAKING SIN
I feel kinda bad for her. She was just doing it to get the thoughts out of her head, and then she was made fun of by the girl causing the thoughts.
To be honest, both of these characters are way too annoying. Yeah, I know that Bella is homophobic, but Marcy just seems like a  female dbag
irony is it actually is me and my friends not my friends and i so the grammar nazis who wouldve corrected that would have been wrong