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Faking by starlullaby57
Fakingby starlullaby57
I have a twin brother that looks exactly like me and he is super cute and smart. My twin brother, Marco, tried out for the prestigious boy only school called Montarlo's...
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Faking It by jashayley
Faking Itby jasmine !
A shy girl. A kind boy with lots of baggage and a big heart. A high school marriage project. What could go wrong? Everything. ~~~ (T...
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Another Bad Boy Story [Ziall] by ziallcentric
Another Bad Boy Story [Ziall]by ria
Zayn Malik. The name that every student in Bradford's Private School for The Artistically Talented fears. He's got the attitude. The looks. The money and yeah, he's als...
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Naalala Mo Pa? by SheenaDaisuki18
Naalala Mo Pa?by SheenaDaisuki18
Ang hirap! Ang hirap magpanggap. Kontrabida, mabait, manloloko, sobrang dami. Siguro kulang na lang magpanggap akong malandi eh! Halos lahat naman kasi, "BAGAY DAW...
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Fake dating my ex best friend by katequacksonholland
Fake dating my ex best friendby quackhead
Yeah so I used to be best friends with Ace Beckett, but not anymore. And when I say not anymore- I mean since like we were 12. And now we're 16 so... I guess life has ch...
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He Looked Like Love (BoyxBoy) by Flawlyssss
He Looked Like Love (BoyxBoy)by Gigi Sandina
Alexis is the captain of the soccer team. He is the man of his school. The ladies love him. The guys want to be just like him. He is the smartest, coolest, and nicest gu...
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•Faking it• k.th + j.jk ✔️ by slayhope
•Faking it• k.th + j.jk ✔️by Changing soon
In which a small prank brings two boys closer together. Jungkook and Taehyung are close friends, and have been for a long time. At school they hang out with a rather boi...
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Group chats and Dares by HajSanKompis123
Group chats and Daresby Drapple4Life
What happens when you, your crush, your crazy best friend, your not so secret admirer and a bunch of random people are in a group chat? And what happens when you all set...
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On the edge of a cliff by anonymouslygr8
On the edge of a cliffby IslaMartin4119
"You should give yourself one more chance." "One more what? Chance? Hahah. That will be nothing but another heartbreaking story in my already wrecked lif...
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Payton// Fake Friends by noni1014
Payton// Fake Friendsby Noni Copeland
Payton Simons is the most prettiest/popular girl in her friend group /school she'll do anything to stay at the top because nobody couldn't take her place and she can't l...
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Notes To You by AlisonCullinan
Notes To Youby A
Words that fill my brain, while I lie staring at a bright screen, with a red filled arrow beside your name.
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Life Advice! by Poki-ChanUwU
Life Advice!by Poki-ChanUwU
This is all based on my or other people's experiences.
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Drained out by Tkoxko_freshpaper
Drained outby 🤡
Read it.
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Lara Jean and Peter by Dreamstate5
Lara Jean and Peterby Dreamstate5
Extension to the trilogy created by the talented Jenny Han. So go ahead and read cause this is some qUaLiTy CoNtEnT❤️😘
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Fake façade| Naruto Fanfic by ZefSphir
Fake façade| Naruto Fanficby ZefSphir
'I am not who people take me for. I am not the Naruto Uzumaki they know. But if I'm not him, who am I?' Naruto prefers to play dumb to avoid trouble. However what happen...
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I Am Cinderella‐One Direction by incarnatixon
I Am Cinderella‐One Directionby mars
BOOK ONE OF PRINCESS SERIES My name is Samantha Destiny Monroe. Call me Sam. My (bitchy) twin sisters names are Emerald and Crystal. My step‐Mum's name is Renee. I'm liv...
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To the Moon and Back by DianaHearst
To the Moon and Backby Diana Hearst
Nidhi will do anything for her sister. Anything. Even if that means she has to get married to some stranger in order to give her stepmother more money. Even if that mean...
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Faking. Charlie Puth by SaraLof
Faking. Charlie Puthby Sara Lof
Eva, Charlie's girlfriend, is not amused when he starts to 'officially date' another celebrity for publicity. She leaves him to it, moving back to her hometown. Which sh...
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Two Players, One Game by purplebunnies101
Two Players, One Gameby purplebunnies101
Zoey Stevens and Jared Woods have known each other since they were toddlers. They have the same lifestyle and the same social status... including the fact that they're b...
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HomeLess by lettieirvin
HomeLessby Lettie
Chris has been homeless living on the streets for several years trying to get his life back together. Before he was living on the streets, Chris was living with his fami...
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