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Empty Hearts by brookelilac
Empty Heartsby 𝐛𝐫𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐥𝐚𝐜.
Evelyn Ace, a model who takes the world by storm. But if you look closely, you can see that she isn't just a cold-hearted beauty. You'll notice her stop to help someone...
Fake dating my ex best friend by katequacksonholland
Fake dating my ex best friendby quackhead
[COMPLETED✔️] "I have a proposition," He states in the dark Janitors closet. Before I can reply with a muttered 'and what would that be?' He answers for me...
What I Am by ScarletApparition
What I Amby ScarletApparition
A student having trouble to express herself has is seen as someone who is troublesome. She never gets a chance to show who she truly is that she starts to see herself d...
How do you Describe your Life? by EMAV05
How do you Describe your Life?by Emma V
Everyone as one word that they use to describe their life. warning this has some extreme cliches #3 in faking 11-27-20 #12 in lonely 11-27-20 #12 in fake smile 11-27-20...
The Stupid Purple Diary by fmlatthispoint
The Stupid Purple Diaryby fmlatthispoint
A story about a girl who gets a journal from her therapist and is told to write down her feelings and events in life. She dreads it but hey at least it's her favorite co...
On Thin Ice (Editing) by adventurette
On Thin Ice (Editing)by Keri
For years, Violet was known as the Ice Princess - until a terrible accident at Nationals not only brought an end to her figure skating career, but also transformed her i...
Another Bad Boy Story [Ziall] by fallintoz
Another Bad Boy Story [Ziall]by ria
Zayn Malik. The name that every student in Bradford's Private School for The Artistically Talented fears. He's got the attitude. The looks. The money and yeah, he's als...
CONFESSIONSby Uwineza Shifaa
My name is Nadjma Kareem. I'm a teenage girl who's trying so hard to find a way out, I've been hurt countless times by friends and family that it took away the trust I...
Not Me (DM me to adopt) by deezANKLEShaBROKEem
Not Me (DM me to adopt)by ℜ𝔶𝔬
Naruto gets pushed out of the village, and goes into a forest. He's been beating badly and finds himself almost dying. He meets Kurama, the 9-tailed fox in a sewer. At t...
Hiding Sun (Haikyuu FanFition) by PauletteThompson
Hiding Sun (Haikyuu FanFition)by Goddess of bookworms
Everyone always knows Hinata as a smiling ball of sunshine that can never be harmed but little do they know that he isn't as happy as he seems because he is always watch...
30 Colours  by Thecurledhairgirl
30 Colours by Thecurledhairgirl
I write here my deep thoughts about random topics. If you want me to write about specific topics please write it in the comments. I hope this will change people's lives...
One Direction Sickfics by BeautifulRain2020
One Direction Sickficsby BeautifulRain2020
Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall getting hurt, sick and caring for each other. Set around the release of 'Made in the AM'.
Angel to their eyes, Devil to their backs *DISCONTINUED* by theshitLouismisses
Angel to their eyes, Devil to thei...by H💿L💿
to their brothers eyes Kate was their perfect angel, but what would happen when they find out that their perfect angel is a devil to their backs... two personalities, o...
Pretending by Fujoshichild
Pretendingby HomoflexibleOtaku
Papyrus is always Happy and acts much stupider then he actually is, he acts a lot...he acts too much...so much that no one knows how he actually is, no one knows that he...
Lara Jean and Peter by Dreamstate5
Lara Jean and Peterby Dreamstate5
Extension to the trilogy created by the talented Jenny Han. So go ahead and read cause this is some qUaLiTy CoNtEnT❤️😘
HomeLess by lettieirvin
HomeLessby Lettie
Chris has been homeless living on the streets for several years trying to get his life back together. Before he was living on the streets, Chris was living with his fami...
Faking by starlullaby57
Fakingby starlullaby57
I have a twin brother that looks exactly like me and he is super cute and smart. My twin brother, Marco, tried out for the prestigious boy only school called Montarlo's...
Faking Isn't Enough |✔️ by Cloud_Queens
Faking Isn't Enough |✔️by C l o u d Q u e e n s
"Autumn" he says a bit louder, I couldn't resist his voice so I look up at him. "Do you think everything I have ever said to you and done with you is just...
The prince's fake little  by hope1299
The prince's fake little by kk.slays
"Leave!" "But I-" "Leave or go to jail for lying to the prince!"