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Let's Play a Game by MP13Girl
Let's Play a Gameby McKenna
Adjusting to a new school is hard. Maxynn Chase would know about that better than anyone. When she first entered Corvus High School, everyone mispronounced her name and...
➟ jack grazer imagines™ by fuckbeans
➟ jack grazer imagines™by - ˏˋ elmo ˊˎ -
✄ open to requests and such. why does barely any jack grazer imagines books exist? come on people pick up your game and get on my level ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ don't copy my shi...
PRIVILEGE by thirteen13blue
COMPLETED DARK HARRY STYLES AU Have you ever been so in love with someone that they consumed your every thought, that you couldn't fathom the idea of losing them? Now im...
Percy Jackson? That loser? by theHighestofPraises
Percy Jackson? That loser?by theHighestofPraises
Percy Jackson seems like a loser to mortals and there's a large demigod aura coming from the school what could this mean for our fateful hero? *photos are from google im...
Wild Innocence (A bowers gang x reader) by Teresaw2004
Wild Innocence (A bowers gang x re...by kai
She walked into the school doors, a shy smile on her face. The bowers gang were perched on the lockers tormenting others silently. she was Innocent but they made her wil...
Not Another High School Love Story by AaronLeeSharp
Not Another High School Love Storyby Aaron Lee Sharp
Ugh, *rolls eyes* not another high school love story... [Twist on clichés] ------------------------------------- *RANK* ·#1 || Closeted--5/7/19 ·#1 || Gayboys--6/18/19 ...
The Double Dimple by Blitzee12
The Double Dimpleby Blitzee12
Secrets...lies...guilt...anger...My body angrily shook. I stared at the wall in front of me until my eyes started to water. This is just..just so embarrassing. Lily Grac...
The Gangleaders Angel by wolfie717
The Gangleaders Angelby Marissa
Hightest ranking #3 in adventure!!!!! Prescott is the "nerd" at her school but what they don't know is that she is really the most feared streetfighter. Shadow...
I Loved Her First by AcidRain-L
I Loved Her Firstby AcidRain-L1
Adrian Ray, to most people would fall under one of the following four categories; a loner, the rebel, a troublemaker, or broken. Constantly bullied by her ex best frien...
Bad Boy Falls For Me by ravewood
Bad Boy Falls For Meby R
Nany was a good girl. Great grades, amazing at sports had great friends. Zander was the bad boy of the school, always in trouble, skipping school, doesn't do any work, b...
A story set in Derry (Y/N x the losers club) by Bubba-Gump-Shrimp
A story set in Derry (Y/N x the lo...by Bubba-Gump-Shrimp
You arrive at Derry and start an unlikely friendship with the losers club. What will happen? Find out in a story set in Derry... Sequel now out: A Story Set 27 Years Lat...
The Perks of Being a Social Butterfly by wheadee
The Perks of Being a Social Butter...by W H I T N E Y
An Opposites Attract Romance It's all a game, until someone gets hurt When seventeen-year-old queen bee, Ashley Davidson finds herself dateless for junior prom, she prou...
Venom/Eddie Brock X Reader by Skwoof
Venom/Eddie Brock X Readerby Skwoof
Your childhood friend Eddie has been acting rather strange lately, you may not talk to him much, but you decide it's time to see him once more, only to find out the trut...
Catching Texas by Kay_Dee_Em_Dee
Catching Texasby Kay D
(Me and my kind: Cody Johnson) Texas Dixon knew first hand what the betrayal of a sister did to you, after all she'd watched the affect it had on a dear friend of hers a...
Me, The Winner You, The Loser by katie_dxnell
Me, The Winner You, The Loserby Katie D’nell
Highest rank -- #193 in teen fiction ~~~~~ Just another high school love story with one of the obscurest love webs imaginable. ....Except the part that-- it's all India...
Average Jane |Lesbian Story| by Svetaivanova
Average Jane |Lesbian Story|by S V E T A
| A Wattpad Featured Story & The Wattys' Shortlist | Jane Waleski and her best friend, Emily Zuckerman, are average achievers on a good day and losers on a bad day, but...
"I Don't Need Help" //Reddie AU  by softsmilingwyatt
"I Don't Need Help" //Reddie AU by Soft.smilingwyatt
Richie gets into fights almost every 2 weeks, and never gets blamed for the fights. One day he gets hurt worse than usual and sits in the bathroom all period. Eddie come...
You aren't even REDDIE for this(I am so sorry this is your first impression of this book). This is just a bunch of cringe/cute oneshots, run while ya still can.
IT (2017) Imagines and Preferences by wwubbalubbadubdub
IT (2017) Imagines and Preferencesby old account
[ discontinued] Started on November 23, 2017 Title is pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy :)) IT (2017); Bill Denbrough Richie Tozier Stanley Uris Eddie Kaspbrak Mike Hanlon...
teenage dirtbag by weare5soslol
teenage dirtbagby luek
luke to pośmiewisko i popychadło wśród szkolnej społeczności. michael niekoniecznie, ale... również; co wyniknie, gdy spotkają się dwa odrębne środowiska, tak skrajn...